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Take special care to avoid conflating the ontic and ontological levels for instance

01 / 10 / 2021 Questions

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(7pg) : Times New Roman, font size 12, double spacing. Write 7 pages essay on one of the following topics. 1. Provide a phenomenological analysis of a mood other than anxiety. In terms of that mood and with careful phenomenological attention devoted to it throughout, describe the specific way in which one is brought before beings as a whole, the way human existence is manifest, and the way in which the world shows itself through that mood. 2. Select a contemporary phenomenon, issue, or event and analyze it in terms of Heideggers phenomenology of technology. Take special care to avoid conflating the ontic and ontological levels for instance, dont mistake an ontic danger for the ontological danger Heidegger is concerned about. Also avoid assuming the instrumental/anthropological definition of technology that Heidegger emphatically rejects, for instance by assuming that technology has gotten out of control and we must reassert control over it. Always keep clearly in view Heideggers account of the essence of technology as a way of revealing and how things are revealed. 3. Select a “thing” of your choice and provide a phenomenological description of the unique way it gathers the fourfold. Keep in mind the broad scope of what might count as a thing. For instance, among the possible “things” that may each gather the fourfold in their own way are jugs, benches, footbridges, plows, trees, ponds, brooks, hills, herons, deer, horses, bulls, mirrors, clasps, books, pictures, crowns, and crosses. Perhaps select a thing with which you have had a special relationship (e.g., an old familiar tree, an heirloom, a long-time reliable implement that means more to you than a disposable tool). In the course of your analysis, be sure to discuss the specific way the thing organizes and/or creates the space around it, and devote careful phenomenological attention to how and in what way each of the four world neighbours (earth, sky, divinities, mortals) is brought into unity with the other three through the thing as the site of their gathering.

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