Privacy Policy

The primary goal of Hire Researcher is to safeguard and maintain the level of confidentiality of its customers by all means. Thus, our privacy policies also cover specific rules that revolve around the welfare of our customers. Below are some rules of our privacy policy:

  • According to the rules of cookies, we use cookies in order to ameliorate the online experience of visitors and customers of our site. Moreover, the cookies not only contribute to dissecting the web traffic but also classify the visitors to our site. Henceforth, with the help of cookies, we are quite proficient in upgrading our site according to customer’s specifications.
  • When a visitor step in our site, our auto-created background connected with our site automatically distinguishes them and saves certain information of them such as, IP address, time, and date of visiting, web browser used and some data of the working framework through which they come to our site.
  • Additionally, we have a policy of collecting some information about our visitors in different time periods such as at the time of registering, placing an order, etc. to inform you of any sort of offer made by us. This information comprises the name, address, credit card, e-mail id, country, phone numbers, etc.
  • Hire Researcher put a strong emphasis on keeping your personal information safe and secure. That personal information contains email id, name, contact number, credit card number, and other particular details. Therefore, it is our mandatory responsibility to protect all your data since they matter to us the most.
  • All in all, Hire Researcher possesses complete authority in altering and progressing the privacy policy at whatever points it needs changes, regardless of the time. The reason behind this action is to refine our services to make it more effective for our customers. Consequently, we request our customers to stay updated by visiting our page frequently.
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