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how Analysis of themes Assertions and generalizations Direct interpretations

01 / 10 / 2021 Certificate IV In Commercial Cookery (SIT40413)

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Interaction, continuity, and situation Plot, resolution, and characters Situation, chronology, and experiences Situation, chronology, and experiences 10.00000 points Question 2 The data analysis spiral includes which of the following procedures? Pilot testing Rapport with participants Data collection Assessing interpretations 10.00000 points Question 3 19. Which of the following methods is most important in a multiple case study? Collecting a representative sample size Analyzing storyline and propositions Analyzing similarities and differences between cases Emphasizing one of the cases more 10.00000 points Question 4 In Creswell and Poths template for coding a grounded theory study, axial coding categories include which of the following? Meaning units Theoretical codes Causal conditions Propositions 10.00000 points Question 5 When applying Creswell and Poths template for coding an ethnography, the cultural portrait of how a culture-sharing group works should include: Analysis of themes Assertions and generalizations Direct interpretations A priori codes 10.00000 points Question 6 Creswell and Poths template for coding the essence of a phenomenological study includes all of the following except: Epoche or bracketing Description generated by qualitative analysis software Propositions Contextual description 10.00000 points Question 7 Which of the following issues is most important to consider in the coding process? The selection of quotes Whether to use preexisting or a priori codes Which transcription software to use Making sense of lessons learned 10.00000 points Question 8 Yussen and Ozcans (1997) elements of plot structure for a narrative study include which of the following? Resolution Continuity Timing Chronology 10.00000 points Question 9 For grounded theory analysis according to Strauss and Corbin (1990, 1998), which of the following coding processes begins the analysis? Open coding Axial coding Selective coding Interpretive coding 10.00000 points Question 10 Moustakas (1994) discussion of phenomenological analysis includes each of the following steps except: Dimensionalizing properties on a continuum Developing the phenomenological question Writing textural, structural, and composite descriptions Constantly comparing themes 10.00000 points Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers.

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