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Handle chips efficiently and effectively.Handle chips according to chip work procedure

01 / 10 / 2021 Essays & Coursework

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Unit Sector


Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Open table.

1.1.Check approved equipment is on the table and in working order and positioned according to organisational rules and procedures.

1.2.Check drop box is attached to table.

1.3.Open and balance chip float according to approved documentation and organisational procedures.

1.4.Identify and report variances in chip float.

1.5.Activate dealer and player terminals.

2. Handle chips efficiently and effectively.

2.1.Handle chips according to chip work procedures.

2.2.Use correct chip and stack values when cashing out customers.

2.3.Maintain chip float in an orderly manner during game operation.

3. Shuffle and cut cards for Rapid Baccarat games.

3.1.Inspect and introduce cards according to game rules and organisational procedures.

3.2.Shuffle cards according to game rules, organisational procedures and variations.

3.3.Cut cards according to game rules and organisational procedures.

4. Operate Rapid Baccarat games.

4.1.Make Rapid Baccarat announcements and hand signals.

4.2.Deal cards according to Rapid Baccarat rules and variations.

4.3.Operate Rapid Baccarat equipment according to design functions and manufacturer instructions.

4.4.Conduct game at appropriate pace according to organisational standards.

5. Accept wagers and pay winnings.

5.1.Accept or refuse permitted wagers according to organisational procedures and variations.

5.2.Determine winning and losing wagers via dealer terminal.

5.3.Confirm winning wagers via dealer terminal.

5.4.Conduct financial transactions according to organisational procedures.

6. Dealing with gaming irregularities.

6.1.Identify and respond to irregularities or malfunctions according to organisational procedures and approved game rules.

6.2.Recognise emergency and potential emergency situations promptly and take required action within scope of individual responsibility and according to organisational procedures.

7. Monitor gaming activities for suspicious play or behaviour.

7.1.Monitor gaming activity for indicators of suspicious play or behaviour.

7.2.Follow organisation procedures and approved rules for handling suspicious activity.

7.3.Maintain integrity of the game according to the approved rules of the game.

8. Work at the table safely.

8.1.Maintain correct posture and stance at the gaming table during game operation.

8.2.Use correct stretches and exercises at appropriate times according to organisational health and safety requirements.

8.3.Identify indicators where customer verbal or non-verbal behaviour may adversely affect own mental or physical wellbeing and apply organisational procedures in response.

8.4.Ensure microphone is adjusted to correct height and distance.

9. Close table.

9.1.Notify of table closure according to approved organisational rules and procedures.

9.2.Reconcile chip float and document the count according to organisational procedures.

9.3.Account for and secure table gaming equipment according to approved procedures.

9.4.Ensure all customers have cashed out.

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