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1. Plan job. Site information is obtained and related to the task.

01 / 10 / 2021 Essays & Coursework 1

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Elements and Performance Criteria



1. Plan job.

1.1. Site information  is obtained and related to the task.

1.2. Hazard  s and potential hazards associated with the slinging and directing of loads are identified.

1.3. Hazard control measures  consistent with appropriate standards  are identified to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

1.4. The weight, dimensions and centre of gravity of the load are identified and assessed.

1.5. Suitable lifting/slinging points on the load are identified.

1.6. Appropriate lifting equipment  needs are assessed.

1.7. Appropriate communication methods  are assessed with crane / operators and other appropriate personnel .

1.8. Manufacturer`s specifications/information is obtained for special loads where necessary.

2. Select and inspect equipment.

2.1. Lifting equipment appropriate to the task is selected.

2.2. Lifting equipment is inspected for serviceability.

2.3. Damaged or excessively worn lifting equipment is identified, labelled and rejected.

2.4. Appropriate communication methods for the crane/operator and appropriate personnel are selected.

2.5. Appropriate communication equipment  is selected and its serviceability is checked.

2.6. Appropriate personal protective equipment  (PPE) is selected and checked.

3. Prepare site and equipment.

3.1. Hazard prevention/control measures are applied consistent with appropriate standards to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

3.2. Appropriate slinging method is selected.

3.3. Lifting equipment is prepared and assembled where appropriate.

3.4. Load destination is prepared.

4. Perform task.

4.1. Lifting equipment is attached and secured to the lifting hook using appropriate techniques.

4.2. Lifting hook is positioned over the load centre of gravity.

4.3. Lifting equipment is attached and secured to the load in an appropriate manner.

4.4. Tag line is attached and secured where appropriate.

4.5. Test lift is conducted to ensure security of load.

4.6. Load is moved maintaining stability and control at all times.

4.7. Appropriate communication methods and communication signals  are applied to safely coordinate the load movement both within sight and out-of-sight of crane operator.

4.8. The load is landed to ensure that it is stable and secure from movement.

4.9. Lifting equipment is removed or disconnected from load and prepared for next task or storage.

5. Shut down job and clean up.

5.1. Unserviceable lifting equipment inspected and rejected.

5.2. Defective equipment  is isolated and tagged.

5.3. Lifting equipment is stored in accordance with procedures and appropriate standards.

5.4. Hazard prevention/control measures are removed where appropriate.

5.5. Excess materials from the work area are removed (where applicable).

5.6. Defects are reported and recorded according to procedures and appropriate action is taken.

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