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You are required to write a report based on a specific organisation of your choice.

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You are required to write a report based on a specific organisation of your choice. You can choose an organisation of any type (manufacturing or service), sector (private or public, e.g. a government agency or department) and size (small, medium or large corporation). The report should address key theoretical and practical aspects related to the subject “Strategic Operations Performance Objectives”. The theoretical part of your report should provide a complete characterisation of the 5 key strategic operations performance objectives of organisations in general, namely: Quality, flexibility, speed, dependability and cost. Discuss the internal and external perspectives of these performance aspects, i.e. what they represent for organisations in general and what they represent for customers. The practical part of your report should be developed through a specific discussion of how these performance aspects apply to the organisation of your choice, i.e. what each performance aspect mean in the specific context of your organisation and what are their relative importance for the organisation (i.e. most critical and less critical performance objectives for the organisation). Finally, you are expected to identify performance shortcomings in the organisation being discussed in the light of the performance objectives being considered and propose possible improvements. Discuss the challenges you think the organisation may face to implement the suggested improvements.  
Assessment Breakdown 1. (10% of word count) Introduce the company you have chosen to focus your report on. Describe   a) Which organisation is it? b) What are the main products and/or services provided by the organisation? c) Who are the main competitors and target customers?   
2. (45% of word count) Provide a literature review on the subject of Strategic Operations Performance focusing on quality, flexibility, speed, dependability and cost aspects. You should draw from academic publications, books and business articles that are no older than 10 years. Address the question: Why are these performance objectives strategic for organisations in general? What are their internal and external perspectives?  
3. (45% word count) Use the theoretical aspects characterised above as a basis to discuss practical aspects of your chosen organisation. Key issues/questions to be addressed in this part are:  
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a. Characterise quality, flexibility, speed, dependability and cost aspects of your chosen organisation. The key question to address in this part is: What are the key quality, flexibility, speed, dependability and cost aspects of the company`s operations? b. Point out the relative importance of the performance aspects for your chosen organisation, i.e. from the 5 key operations performance objectives, which ones are most critically important for the organisation? And which ones are less critical? c. With basis on the performance aspects being discussed, point out organisation`s weaknesses, suggest improvements and discuss potential challenges to implement the improvements.   
Assessment Submission Your assignment must be word processed and presented in a report format with simple sub-headings. The word count should be 2500 words±10% (tables, diagrams and appendices are excluded from the count).    
The Assignment report should have a Front Sheet showing your name, your student number, the module name, the module number, the assignment title, the module tutor`s name, the date and the word count.    
All assignments will be submitted, graded and fed-back electronically via TURNITIN. Several submissions will be permitted before the hand-in date in order to enable you to refine the content in your report.  
If you click on the “Submit Your Work” button on the Module NILE site you will find an explanation of the Submission and Grading Electronically process there.   
Feedback on assignments in general will be provided to the whole group when marked assignments are returned. Feedback on assignments for each individual will be provided electronically via TURNITIN.   

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