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why electronic forms to aid the patients in accessing their records via the internet.

01 / 10 / 2021 Diploma of Accounting

This paper circulates around the core theme of why electronic forms to aid the patients in accessing their records via the internet. together with its essential aspects. It has been reviewed and purchased by the majority of students thus, this paper is rated 4.8 out of 5 points by the students. In addition to this, the price of this paper commences from £ 99. To get this paper written from the scratch, order this assignment now. 100% confidential, 100% plagiarism-free.

Respond to this post. Your response must be substantial with at least one citation. only 2 paragraphYou must respond in scholarly fashion and using APA style of writing for citation and references. You will use the Discussion Topic Rubric found in course documents as guidance.Impact of Technology on the Privacy and Security of Patient InformationIn the modern era of technological revolution, the face of healthcare is slowly transforming into an environment of high efficiency and quality service delivery, something achieved by the incorporation of new technologies in the existing infrastructure. Some of the recent advances in technology in healthcare include the use of electronic health records (EHR), mobile health technologies, and sensor networks (Andreu-Perez, Poon, Merrifield, Wong, & Yang, 2015). With the help of EHR, for instance, paper-based records are being changed into electronic forms to aid the patients in accessing their records via the internet. While these advances in technology help in improving the quality of care rendered to the patients while minimizing medical errors and costs, the technologies come with issues of confidentiality and security that need to be redressed. The use of health information technologies like electronic health records, mobile applications, and patient portals have been associated with security issues which include data hacking and a perceived lack of protection by the providers. The use of electronic health records, for instance, is not void of concerns of a data breach through cybersecurity. The digital power possessed by internet hackers may frighten patients who seek to conceal sensitive data from mishandling. Some of the systems may be susceptible to hacking for malicious intent, something which would expose patients’ data to unauthorized users(Devkota & Devkota, 2013). Whenever patients’ confidential records end up in the hands of hackers, some potential consequences may include identity theft and medical fraud. Additionally, the use of mobile technologies is associated with some vulnerabilities like the theft or loss of medical records. With patients’ health information (PHI) being available via mobile phones, such devices can land in the wrong hands, something which would breach the privacy of the patients information. As information is transferred from paper format into the mobile platforms, much of patients’ information passes through different people, something which may be against the patient’s wishes.

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