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What should be the purpose of the standards that Linda is required to follow?

07 / 07 / 2023 Academic Papers

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Ethical Issues and Legal Aspects of Nursing Section 1. Read the case study, When Standards Are Difficult to Meet, on page 141of your text, Ethics and Issues in Contemporary Nursing, (4th ed). Answer the following questions taken from the Think About It section (p. 141) in paragraph form, using extra sheets of paper if necessary. Be sure you begin each answer with the respective question: (each question 3 points). You can use this page as a template on which you complete your answers. 2. What dilemma(s) are posed by these standards? 3. What do you see as the legal liability to all parties created by the standards? 4. What is the effect of the standards on Lindas practice both practically and legally? 5. Do you think the institution shares the legal blame for the situation? Why? 6. Is there any way that Linda can meet the standards? What were Lindas alternatives? Section 2. Using Appendix A in the back of your text, Code of Ethics for Nurses access the site [ www.ana.orgd or ]and indicate which of the points of the Code Linda followed (if any) and which did she violate (if any). Give your reasons for each choice. It is understood that the psychiatric institution bears some responsibility, however, focus on Lindas responsibility. Not all of the points of the code are applicable.

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