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What, in brief, is this plan about and over what timeframe will it be implemented?

01 / 10 / 2021 Questions

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You have been asked to write a short, factual and punchy review of a recent large scale Canadian urban plan or urban project (i.e. now to the past 5 years) that is currently in the public domain and under public discussion or debate. The plan or project that you are reviewing would be earmarked or directed for a specific part or geographic area of a Canadian city. For example, the City of Vancouvers recent NE False Creek Plan (2018) is an example of a major plan for an area of Vancouver. Other examples are listed on the back of this sheet, however, please feel free to look around at Canadian city government websites or for discussions about plans/projects in the news. Your critical review must liberally make direct references to the plan and can also reference related studies, maps, surveys, discussions in the media or scientific/scholarly journals (i.e. include these as citations relevant to your focus on the main plan, project or proposal). This is not just a summary, but a review.
e t a i l s: For this assignment, you are asked to work independently in choosing, writing and critically analyzing your urban plan/project. You are writing a critical review of the plan/project, contained in the following five sections:
1) Title Page Your review title; your name, (Use a 12-point font, 1.5 spacing on the title page and throughout the plan review). Your title and section headings should all be bold (A. Summary; B. Review; C. Conclusion). Include a List of References as your final section and use APA formatting.
2) Summary A brief description of the urban plan/project in your words with the use of citations that reference quotes or points from the actual plan (and if you like also from news stories). Be sure to include some properly cited maps or diagrams or figures. You should be able to answer the question: What, in brief, is this plan about and over what timeframe will it be implemented? What is the plans vision and what are some of its goals, objectives or strategic aims? (400-500 words).
3) SEE +/- Review Review the key socio-economic and environmental strengths and weaknesses in the urban plan particularly from your perspective as a geography researcher. What socio-economic and environmental issues will the plan address? How will the plan be implemented? What is innovative in the plan and what might be problematic, particularly in the long run? Do not just list strengths, but also consider weaknesses or gaps in the plan/projects framing or financing. What matters were not clear to you as a reader. Refer to and cite objectives, figures, maps or visual illustrations in the plan/project (500-800 words).
4) Conclusion A synthesis of your overall review of the plan/project. You can quickly reiterate in one or two sentences the purpose of the plan; and reiterate some key findings from your review; and provide an overall assessment for readers. What was the plan framers purpose in devising the plan/project once again? And importantly: What can the reader conclude from your critical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the plan or project? (300-500 words).
5) List of References Identify and properly reference the author, title, date of the plan and also any news stories or published articles (about the plan/city in question). Please use APA formatting.

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