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WebGestalt GO Analysis

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment

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1.    Is this a spotted cDNA array or an oligonucleotide array?

2.    Is this a one-colour or two-colour array?

3.    How is this exon array different to a 3’UTR array?

4.    Considering the function of Tardbp, why do you think it was advantageous to use exon arrays to analyse transgenic mice that have a mutation in Tardbp?

5.    Besides frontotemporal dementia, what other human disease is this mouse a model for?  

6.    This analysis could have been performed using RNA-seq.  List two advantages and two limitations of RNA-seq compared to microarray analysis.

7.    Bonferonni correction has been selected, why is this important?

8.    This is a GO-Slim analysis of the Biological Process category.  What does this mean?

9.    Change the view to “bar chart of difference”.  Right click to save the image and insert it below.  From the Bar chart, which GO category has the greatest fold enrichment?

WebGestalt GO Analysis
10.    Look towards the bottom of the Biological Process image, how many genes are listed in the “transmission of nerve impulse” term and what is the adjusted p-value?

11.    Give two possible reasons why this data is different to PANTHER?

WebGestalt KEGG Analysis  
12.    Copy and paste the results table below, delete the EntrezGene column.

13.    Click on the “Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction” pathway.  What 4 genes are highlighted in red under Channels/other receptors?

WebGestalt Phenotype Analysis  
14.    Right click on the image to save it and insert below.

15.    What are the two top phenotypes (the two boxes just under  “mammalian phenotype”)?

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