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Unit 1 Business Skills for e-Commerce Assignment Brief - Pharmacy

01 / 10 / 2021 Latest Coursework

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Unit 1 Business Skills for e-Commerce Assignment Brief - Pharmacy


Diploma in Computing

Unit Number and Title

Unit 1 Business Skills for e-Commerce

QFC Level

Level 4

Credit value

15 credits

Assignment title   

 Heartland Pharmacy

Purpose of this assignment

This assignment considers the structure of organisations, the impact of e-Commerce upon them and the design of effective solutions. You must demonstrate that you understand the needs of a business and the advantages and possible risks posed by an e-Commerce venture. Furthermore, you need to demonstrate that you have an awareness of existing e-Commerce solutions and the technical and legal issues involved with their implementation and the effect of these upon both the organisation and customers


A qualified and practising Pharmacist named Sheena has decided to open a number of pharmacy outlets in Bradford. The group of Pharmacies are called, “Heartland Pharmacy”.
Sheena is planning to open 4 (four) pharmacy retail outlets in major high streets and adjacent to doctors’ surgeries/community health centres.
She would like customers and patients to be able to access medical advice and purchase associated pharmaceutical and related products 24/7. However, in order to provide this service, she will need to open her pharmacies on a 24 hours basis. This is a cause for concern because it would incur additional costs in terms of staffing, overhead costs relating to premises, for example lighting, heating, security of monies held on premises during opening hours for purchase transactions.
At present each pharmacy outlet will have its own Branch Manager, a Principal Pharmacist, a Pharmacy Technician, and a Sales Assistant. The opening times for each pharmacy are currently from 8.00 am to 8.00pm Monday to Saturday and Sunday is 10.00am to 5.00pm. There is an emergency number for emergency prescriptions. This emergency number is for the Principal Pharmacist who is on duty at that time for each retail outlet.
Sheena would like to have a website for the group of Pharmacies but is not sure if that is a good idea and does not know how to go about it for the group. She does not have time or the skills to create a group website and has therefore asked you for your expertise.
You have been appointed to provide guidance, advice and expertise in the area of E-commerce design and development for businesses. You are to produce a report that will allow her to take her business into the digital age.

Task 1

The introductory section of your report on e-Commerce should explain the structure and aims of Heartland Pharmacy
This section of your report should include the following:

  • State what type of organisation Heartland Pharmacy is
  • Write out a Mission Statement for the organisation (maximum 3 sentences)
  • Make a list of the stakeholders and what their interests in the organisation are
  • Complete a PESTLE analysis for the organisation
  • Draw a diagram to show the internal and external functions of the organisation
  • Make a list of 3 types of data/information that could be collected throughout the organisation and state what decisions could be made using it

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