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This paper circulates around the core theme of UMUC BIOLOGY 181- LIFE IN THE OCEANS together with its essential aspects. It has been reviewed and purchased by the majority of students thus, this paper is rated 4.8 out of 5 points by the students. In addition to this, the price of this paper commences from £ 99. To get this paper written from the scratch, order this assignment now. 100% confidential, 100% plagiarism-free.


BIOLOGY 181 LIFE IN THE OCEANSUMUC FALL 2016QUIZ 2Directions: Submit the answer sheet to your Assignment Folder NO LATER than 11:59 PMSunday 18 October 2015. Submit ONLY the answer sheet.1. The regulation of salt and water balance in an organism is called:a. Homeostasisb. Homeothermyc. Ophiolatryd. Osmoregulatione. Thermoregulation2. The development of functional male sex organs followed by the development of functionalfemale sex organs is called:a. Protandryb. Protapsisc. Proteomicsd. Protogynye. Protospongia3. Many fish have light-colored ventral surfaces and dark-colored dorsal surfaces. This is called:a. Aggressive mimicryb. Aposematic colorationc. Batesian mimicryd. Countershadinge. Mullerian mimicry4. The development of analogous structures is called:a. Convergent evolutionb. Disruptive selectionc. Punctuated equilibriumd. Sexual selectione. Stabilizing selection5. The type of caudal fin found in sharks is called:a. Diphycercalb. Heterocercalc. Homocercald. Hyocercale. Protocercal6. The closest living relative of whales and dolphins is the:a. Elephantb. Hippotamusc. Manateed. Sharke. Walrus7. All of these characteristics distinguish mammals from reptiles except:a. Beta-keratinb. Endothermyc. Haird. Heterodontye. Lactation8. The swim bladder of fishes is derived from the lunga. Trueb. False9. In the late nineteenth century, the northern sea elephant was driven almost to extinction. Thespecies still survives, but it has lost virtually all of its genetic diversity. This is anexample of:a. Directional selectionb. Disruptive selectionc. Genetic driftd. Mutatione. Sexual selection10. One of the reasons cetaceans are able to remain underwater for long periods of time isbecause their muscles contain large quantities of ________________, a protein whichstores oxygen.a. Collagenb. Hemerythrinc. Myoglobind. Myosine. Tropomyosin11. Organisms which can tolerate a wide range of salinity are called:a. Euryhalineb. Homeothermsc. Osmoconformersd. Osmoregulatorse. Stenohaline12. The symbiotic algae found in coral reefs are referred to as:a. Alveolatesb. Coccolithophoridsc. Foraminiferad. Radiolariae. Zooxanthellae13. The coral polyp is a member of the class:a. Anthozoab. Demospongiac. Foraminiferad. Hexactinellidae. Radiolaria14. Organisms whose body fluid has an osmolarity equal to that of the surrounding medium arecalled:a. Ectothermsb. Endothermsc. Osmoconformersd. Osmoregulatorse. Stenohaline15. All of these are adaptations intertidal mollusks display for coping with low temperaturesEXCEPT:a. Anti-freeze compoundsb. Compact body formc. Dark colord. Ridged shells16. The extent of coral reefs in the Caribbean declined dramatically in the wake of the nearextinction of this species:a. Crown-of-thorns starfishb. Diadema antillarumc. Mantis shrimpd. Mytilus californianuse. Pisaster ochraceus17. Similarity due to common ancestry is called:a. Analogyb. Convergent evolutionc. Homeothermyd. Homeostasise. Homology18. The reptiles, birds, and mammals all are distinguished from the amphibians by the possessionof this feature:a. Amniotic eggb. Beta-keratinc. Endothermyd. Featherse. Lactation19. Coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region are threatened by this species:a. Crown-of-thorns starfishb. Diadema antillarumc. Mantis shrimpd. Mytilus californianuse. Pisaster ochraceus20. Animals that ingest sediment and digest organic material are called:a. Autotrophsb. Deposit feedersc. Endothermsd. Filter feederse. Homeotherms

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