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Title of the thesis: The path towards becoming a franchise/concept

01 / 10 / 2021 Essays

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Title of the thesis: The path towards becoming a franchise/concept
The problematic: How can your idea/concept can become a franchise?
Here you should describe:
– The goal of the Professional Thesis: Explain how to identify your concept, put in place the value and the rule of the firm, how to develop
– The research questions: what are the common basics? Where and when you need do you specialized? How to facilitate everyday work? What kind of management methods you need to put in place?
– The motivation for choosing the specific topic: I would like to make my own franchise in the future and I will work in a franchise during my internship.
The research methods:
– Evaluative/Policy

Introduction: Overview of how the successful franchise are where they are now and what mistakes for franchise made.
I. Analyze yourself
a. Evaluate if your business is ready: is your business suited to become a franchise.
b. Consider your concept: is your concept viable for both customer and franchisee?
c. Financial issues: Don’t make a franchise with a new concept never tried before. Try to run more than one before becoming a franchise.
d. Market studies: You are entering a new market so do studies to limited risk and to analyze where to develop.
c. Prepare for change : now you are not selling a product ( cheeseburger at MacDonald’s for example) you are selling an entire concept you change from B to C to B to B.
d. Evaluate other alternatives: Is investing most of your money in a franchise the most profitable investment?
II. Conceptualization
Legal Requirements => Paperwork , legal
Make your own Model => make decisions by choosing the key points.
Register yourself as a Franchise : go to the right government organ to register
Hire your team : surround yourself with competent and trustful staff and franchise
Sell Franchises : Find franchisee and convince them to take part of the family
Support your Franchise: This is the last and one of the most important it will determine your success or fail. I your franchisee are successful you will be successful and this is exponential.

Conclusion: Enumeration of the strong point of a franchise compare to the weak point and to conclude an opening on other form of partnership that in certain case are a more adequate choice in certain country, situation etc… Moreover there is no right answer, some firms have different type of partnership for same brand such as MacDonald for example, you need to adapt.

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