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This is an individual assessment. In other words, the e-portfolio is to be maintained by every student individually.

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Assessment Task:

This is an individual assessment. In other words, the e-portfolio is to be maintained by

every student individually.

The e-portfolio assignment aims to enhance your weekly learning and teaching as per the

weekly topic and maximise your engagement with the course resources (please see weekly

topics under Schedule in this course profile).

As a learning tool, e-portfolio will enable you to accumulate evidence of your learning during

the term. In this assignment, you are required to research at least three references (two

academic and one general; and published within the last 3 years) that are relevant to the

topics covered in each week from teaching Week-3 to Week-8. You will briefly describe and

relate the academic sources to the topics covered in that week. You will enrich your weekly

e-portfolio with relevant illustrations, video clips, and other multimedia applications as well.

As a total you need to have 6 e-portfolio documents, and each e-portfolio carries 5 marks.

The length of each weekly e-portfolio should be approximately 500 words.


Assessment Task:

This is a group based assignment for on campus students.

E-Business is the main driver for any business today. E-Business related tools, technologies,

and applications have been rapidly changing over the last ten years. To be competitive in the

market, e-business system users need to follow up the innovations and new industry

developments in a timely manner. So, the aim of this assignment is to improve your industry

based practical research skills as well as team based working and learning.

In this assignment, as future ICT professionals, you are required to research e-business

systems related to new developments in the industry and prepare a presentation as a group

of up to 3 members during the class time. You need to form your group in Week-3 and

provide the group details to your local lecturer for confirmation. You also need to inform your

lecturer about your proposed topic in Week-4 class for your group presentation.

For presentation topic, research industry magazines (online and offline) and web sites

focused on innovations and developments in e-business systems. Your presentation should

cover the content from an industry and practical point of view rather than theory. 

Assessment Task:

This is your major assignment and can be done in a group of 3 members. The aim of this

major assignment is to give you the opportunity to practice and demonstrate the knowledge

that you have gained in this course as well as your skills and experience by developing a

prototype website solution for an SME. Hence, this assessment gives you the best

opportunity for you to learn by doing and working in a team environment. Today it is a fact

that e-business websites are an integral part of any business operation for competitive as

well as survival reasons. We have high expectations of you and therefore as a future ICT

professional you need to be able to show your intellectual capability by providing a prototype

website solution for an SME of your choice in any industry type. This is critical, so you can

use cutting edge and state of the art technologies available on the Internet as open sources

to carry out your required work. So, there are two parts in this assessment: 

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