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This assignment requires the submission of a 2,000 word report which shows an understanding of the theory and how companies have applied the theory in practice.

01 / 10 / 2021 Supple Chain

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Assignment Specification: This assignment requires the submission of a 2,000 word report which shows an understanding of the theory and how companies have applied the theory in practice. This assignment takes the form of a report. Groups must select 1 topic from the module and clearly show successful examples from practice. Any justification or any recommendations made, must be clearly shown in the report. This is a team project which is worth 30% of the overall module grade. The required format for the layout of the report is as follows: • Cover Page • Executive Summary o In a single page summarise the contents of the entire report. This should be written once your report is completed. • Introduction to selected topics and cases o Briefly give an introduction to the topics and company examples you have selected to analyse. • Discussion and Analysis of the theory and company examples o Outline the topics and the elements of theory or frameworks then describe a company that has applied this theory successfully and show how this has been done. o Discuss what best practice is for companies who want to apply the theory successfully. o Explain what you think are the limitations to the theory and what can be improved upon. • References o All third party material used in the report must be listed here using a formal referencing system such as the Harvard system. These must be correctly cited when used in the body of the report. • Appendices o You must include at least one page in the Appendix, which outlines the contribution made by each group member to the assignment. o Other appendices may include detailed tables of calculations. You should refer to their existence in the main body of the report. Assignment 2 must be submitted to your Programme Manager in hard copy and in soft copy via Blackboard. See the deadline in table 2B. It is the student’s responsibility to retain a copy of any submitted assessment/project work. Please read the Grade Descriptors in the Assignment 2 Grade Descriptor table. Topics to choose from Topic 1: Logistics and the Supply Chain An introduction to global logistics; the origins of logistics and supply chain management; the development of logistics as a business function; discuss global logistics in the context of the supply chain; explain the importance of these areas in both manufacturing and services contexts. Topic 2: Impact of Globalisation and International Trade Discuss the growth in international trade and the impact on role of logistics; explore the role of multinational companies and their role in global trade; identify issues arising from unequal volumes or types of freight flow in opposite directions in freight markets. Topic 3: Managing Supply Chain Relationships Describe outsourcing and offshoring and associated problems; discuss integration and collaboration in the context of global supply chain; explain collaborative working and partnerships. Topic 4: Supply Chain Strategies Describe the role of logistics and supply chain strategy in the development of firm strategy; outline the evolution of manufacturing from which various logistics and supply chain strategies have emerged; explain lean and agile logistics strategies; examine the role of mass customization. Topic 5: Transport in Supply Chains & Transport Security Describe different transport modes; issues for consideration in planning transport; discuss the roles of distribution centres; identify issues and strategies that impact of the efficiency of transport services; identify the need for transport security; explain the need for transport security. Topic 6: Logistics Service Providers Describe and differentiate, the various types of companies that provide logistics services; discuss the role of fourth party logistics; examine the process employed for selecting logistics service providers. Topic 7: Procurement Discuss procurement as a strategic process; explain the role of the buyer; discuss the procurement process and procurement performance. Topic 8: Warehousing and Materials Management Explain the materials handling process within warehouse and distribution centres; discuss planning and controlling material movements; explain the bullwhip effect; explain cost minimisation vs. value creation; discuss the impact of reverse logistics. Topic 9: Information Flows and Technology Explain the need for information visibility and transparency across the supply network; define various information technologies employed in logistics and SCM; explain the use of RFID to provide real-time information visibility; discuss the emerging importance of knowledge management in supply networks. Topic 10: Reverse Logistics Explain the basics of reverse logistics and the reasons for employing reverse logistics. Describe the various recovery options in reverse logistics, such as reuse, remanufacturing and recycling. Identify the characteristics of the remanufacturing recovery option and highlight the difference between forward and remanufacturing recoverable logistics environments. Explain the key success factors for the implementation of reverse logistics systems. Identify and understand performance metrics relevant to the recovery options of reverse logistics.

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