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The following exercise will allow you to determine

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The following exercise will allow you to determine

The following exercise will allow you to determine the kind of support team you want to build.1. Make a list of the most important relationships in your life, right now and in the past.a. What is the most important relationship? My relationship with Jesus Christ,parents, and my family.b. Why is this person important to you? They are being the strongest pillar of mylife and also my economic support.[Check your verb usage, Jocelyn. Are andbeing are both verbs, so you only need one. Which would be the correct verb touse here?]c. In what ways do you look to this person for support? Emotional as well asprofessional support.2. What role has your family of origin played in your development as a leader? Family isessentially the median by which personal life is guided. At the center of a patriarchalfamily is the parents who if situated within a traditionally sanctioned role of being aleader.[The previous sentence is a sentence fragment. How can you complete yoursentence?] The father of Jesus Christ, parent, and family motivated and guides each ofthe family members by making their own life an example to all members. There arevery often the economic head and fulfills the role of the provide. But to haveresponsible for being the moral compass of the family and sets in order certain moralcodes amongst the members largely the husband, wife, and children. The adherenceof respectability and fellowship with such a leader keeps the husband, wife, andchildren centered. As true leader them bears the brunt of all difficulties. In my casefamily plays this centered role which not only allows me to become a follower but inturn instills values of leadership such as humanism and fellow feeling. Although afamily teacher one to understand keep faith in a single leader it also teachers how todemocratize and accommodate heterogeneous opinion everyone keeping the unit ofthe family held together as one.[Try simplifying your sentence structure. Larger wordsare not always easily understood by your reader.]3. Who has mentored you as a leader? Have you had a particular teacher, coach, or adviserwho has been influential in your interest in leadership and your development as aleader? How have you helped your mentor and built a two-way relationship? My Pastoris my mentor has been teaching me word to still faith in the true word of Jesus Christ.My opinion this mentor benefitted me largely and in turn I benefitted as well. Thecurve of learning became very effective in our case. My mentor taught me selfrestraint and focus as I taught me how to motivate. Sometime, his word is verychallenges because sin will always try to attack you. So, that is when you have to knowhis word to stand firm.4. Which friends could you count on if things did not go well for you? Do you have friendswith whom you can share the challenges you face openly? Can you give each otherhonest feedback? I have friends with whom I can be very honest and stress aboutdifficulties in life. But when it comes to providing them with feedback one has to bevery guarded. Some friends accept feedbacks with a cheer while others are extremelyaffected and rueful if the feedback is not positive.[Make sure you practice accuratesubject-verb agreement.] So, with such friends it is important to find a plane ofacceptance.5. Do you have a person support group? If so, what is its value and meaning to you andyour leadership? My family is the support group that I am aware of to have made adifference in my life. The nature of a family is such that allows me to become afollower but in turn instills values of leadership such as humanism and fellow feeling.But family teachers one to understand keep faith in a single leader it also teachers howto democratize and accommodate heterogeneous opinion keep God children as oneunit of the family held together. The family as a unit also God children to teacher eachother, and to be honest and self-less. My father of Jesus Christ, and my family, andfriends is the most important support group that I can have.

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