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The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor

01 / 10 / 2021 Operations

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The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor. Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details. Summative assessment The Assessment Project consists of a number of parts called ‘tasks`. It is designed as a summative assessment tool. The Project gathers evidence across the full unit of competency. It can be divided into parts and submitted and marked in stages or submitted and marked at the end of the unit. Instructions: This Assessment Project is to be completed in addition to the learning and assessment tutorial activities you complete in class during the course. This Project evaluates a number of elements of competency that will assess your knowledge and skills in developing and implementing a business plan Overview of Assessment Project This project is made up of 4 parts: 1. Develop business plan (1) 2. Develop business plan (2) 3. Monitor performance 4. Respond to performance data Candidate’s Name Phone No. Assessor’s Name Phone No. Assessment Site Assessment Date/s Time/s BSBMGT617 Develop and implement a business plan - Student Guide - Reviewed January 2016 5 BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management Project Overview In this project you will be required to work as a senior manager within a fictitious organisation called the International Hotel Group (Appendix 1). You will be required to develop and implement a business plan at a time where your organisation is considering substantial expansion into new markets. Part 1 Develop business plan You will need to access information about the organisations:  current strategic directions  vision, mission, values and objectives Task 1 Prepare a report summarising the key information you will need to consider when writing the business plan for the organisation or department within the organisation. You will need to include the following: o a review the organisation’s strategic, business and operational plans, if available o analysis of the organisation’s business vision, mission, values and objectives o information from consultation with key stakeholders (If completing this activity in the classroom, your fellow learners and trainer can represent key stakeholders) Task 2 Prepare a report on the marketing requirements for at least 2 products or services of the organisation or new business venture for the organisation. Include a: o Profile of customer needs o Summary of researched pricing options Part 2 Develop business plan Task 1 Develop a set of performance objectives and measures for at least 2 products or services or a new business venture of the organisation through consultation with key stakeholders. Task 2 Write a business plan for the organisation or department within the organisation. Include the following information: o Executive summary – a one page overview written after your business plan is finalised o Description of the business o Business products and services o Marketing analysis o Marketing plan o Financial, human and physical resource requirements o Financial indicators o Productivity and performance targets for key result areas for the business NOTE: The following website has information and templates that may assist you in preparing your business plan: o www.business.gov.au BSBMGT617 Develop and implement a business plan - Student Guide - Reviewed January 2016 6 BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management Part 3 Monitor Performance Task 1 a) Run a communication session to discuss your business plan with all relevant parties. (If completing this activity in the classroom, your fellow learners can represent relevant parties) b) Discuss the process you used to ensure all parties understood the performance requirements and timeframes. Task 2 a) Write a report outlining the process you will use to: o ensure that skilled labour is available to implement the business plan o test the performance measurement systems you will be using to support your business plan o ensure reports on business activity are available, user friendly and include a balance of financial and non-financial performance b) Develop a pro-forma to be used to report system failures, product failures and variances to the business as they occur. Describe how you would use this pro-forma. Part 4 Respond to performance data Task 1 Analyse performance reports against the planned objectives in your business plan. Comment on: o Performance against objectives o Factors contributing to underperformance (if appropriate) o Usefulness of performance indicators o Suggestions for refinements of business activities or performance indicators (If using included case study please refer to notes on summary of performance) Task 2 a) Conduct a coaching or training session with an individual or group to address a factor contributing to underperformance. (If completing the project in the classroom, this task can be role-played) b) Report on the effectiveness of this coaching or training intervention. Task 3 Describe the continuous improvement process you will use to review the system processes and work methods used in support of your business plan.

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