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tation of remote dispensing unit/pharmacy Implementation Plan Task Description

01 / 10 / 2021 Pharmacy

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Title: Presentation of remote dispensing unit/pharmacy Implementation Plan Task Description: Building on from the Annotated Literature Review and the remote dispensing unit/pharmacy Project Plan, provide a persuasive presentation seeking gain support for the remote dispensing unit/pharmacy implementation plan. The presentation should demonstrate a full understanding of the planned innovation of a remote dispensing unit/pharmacy and assist with it being clearly communicated to the audience. The audience is an executive group of a medium sized health service and the task is to prepare a presentation of the remote dispensing unit/pharmacy implementation Project Plan in order to achieve executive support for the plan. The presentation must use in order to persuade the executive group to support your proposal. Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1. Describe the clinical innovation in terms of leadership, change management and evaluation of initiatives. 2. Evaluate the role of the clinical innovation in shaping clinical practice and research. 3. Critique clinical innovations with reference to their relevance to clinical practice. 4. Translate the clinical innovation into clinical practice 5. Apply successful change management and leadership techniques to innovating in the clinical workplace 6. Apply evaluation techniques to determine the economic benefits of a clinical innovation   Criteria & Marking: No Criterion 1 The quality of the presentation as it appears as a PDF 2 Quality of the plan that communicates what is proposed to the audience 3 Statement of benefits of the innovation which includes some estimation of the return on investment 4 Contains an assessment of the risks to the organisation if the innovation were to be implemented and/or not implemented 5 Consideration of any statutory or ethical issues that need to be taken into account (if any, and if none identified, how that position was arrived at 6 A change management plan to diffuse the innovation into the workplace including a communications plan for engaging staff in the implementation.

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