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Tanzeem Chemicals is a wholesaler who supplies independent pharmacies operating in Australia with pharmaceutical drugs.

01 / 10 / 2021 Operations

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Tanzeem Chemicals is a wholesaler who supplies independent pharmacies operating in Australia with pharmaceutical drugs. The company operates through a sales force, with each salesperson being allocated a region to look after. Each region contains a number of pharmacies, some of whom are existing clients. During the weekly visit the salesperson takes orders for the goods that the pharmacy wishes to receive in the next delivery. Fulfil Order Process At the end of each day the salesperson faxes the orders through to the sales administration team, who check the orders for completeness (name, delivery address, etc). Any orders that are incomplete are returned to the salesperson, who is responsible for returning the order to the client. Complete orders are recorded, and the sales administration team then check to see if the client is an existing client. For existing clients the sales administration team, send the order to the warehouse for the dispatch of the goods. For new clients, the order is passed to the credit control clerk who checks the client`s credit worthiness. If the credit status of a potential client is unsatisfactory the salesperson is notified and it is their responsibility to notify the potential client that they have been rejected. If the credit status of a potential client is satisfactory the credit control clerk passes the order to the sales ledger clerk who then prepares a client file. Once the client file is prepared the order is passed to the warehouse so that the goods can be dispatched. Once the warehouse receives the order, a member of the warehouse team picks, or selects, the goods for dispatch. Once the goods are picked they are checked against the order by the warehouse supervisor. If the order is incomplete, the complete order is returned to the warehouse team member to re-pick the goods. The order is then rechecked by the warehouse supervisor. When the order is complete the warehouse dispatches the goods to the client. Once the goods have been dispatched the sales ledger clerk prepares and dispatches an invoice to the client.  
 (a)  Students are required to develop a process model using the swim lane approach for the  Fulfillment Order process described in the above scenario.    (10 marks)  
(b) Describe Four areas in which Tapzeem could improve their Fulfilment Order process and explain  the impact of each improvement suggestion       (10 marks)  
Question 2 
Southgate Hospital Accident & Emergency Department (A&E) provides a point of entry in to the hospital for patients. 
Patients can arrive through 2 routes: they can arrive via their own transportation or they can be brought in by ambulance. 
On entry to the A&E department patients are classified according to the severity of their condition: 
 - those who require immediate treatment or resuscitation (such as sever road traffic accidents  and heart attacks) are rushed through to treatment or resuscitation rooms as appropriate and  always admitted to the hospital. 
 - those who have major injury or illnesses (such as industrial accidents and elderly patients  with pneumonia) are registered and prioritized. It is possible for a patient to go straight for  treatment at this point if their condition justifies it. Otherwise, they wait in the waiting area  for a triage nurse to become available. 
 - those who have minor injury or illness (such as domestic accidents or asthma) are registered  and prioritized. They need to wait in the waiting area for a triage nurse to become available. 
 - children as sent to a specialist pediatric unit within the general hospital 
When a triage nurse becomes available, they select the next highest priority patient and assess whether the patient can be treated and discharged or needs admission to the general hospital.   
(a) Draw a process model in the notation of your choice for handling Southgate A&E patients. 
            (5 marks)  
Question 3 
Students are required to answer the following questions  
(a) Explain why an Organization may decide to implement a reengineering process. (b) Explain the different methods an Organization may adopt in implementing a reengineering process. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each m

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