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subtitle of this module is Making Sense of Health Trends and Problems.

01 / 10 / 2021 Course Titles

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Throughout this module, you explored sources of information, identifying and managing disease and prevention and environmental paradigms through the lens of redefining public health. In Unit 5, you will further explore these topics by discussing the practice of environmental health at the global, regional and local levels. You will also work on your Project, in two parts: Part 1: Environmental Case Study and Part 2: A Reflective Portfolio. This last unit offers one, two-part, assessment a Project, which is to be submitted by the end of the unit. This is 3,000 words. Unit 5 Project consists of two elements:- Part 1: Environmental Case Study (2,000 words) Part 2: Reflective Portfolio (1,000 words) Completing your Module Project Review the work you previously submitted throughout units 14, including your colleagues and your Faculty Members feedback. To complete your Project: Use the instructions below to complete all required elements of your Project. Be sure to also review the assessment criteria (rubrics) for each of the graded elements of the Project by downloading the Rubrics. (Click here to download the document.) Part 1: Environmental Case Study Students will independently identify a situation or an event that has led to health problems. Students will critically analyse the situation as well as important aspects of the impacted population and prepare a response to the case in which they specify approaches for evaluating, preventing and controlling environmental hazards that pose risks to human health and safety. To complete your Environmental Case Study you should do: Identify an environmental issue/s that has led to health problems Describe the population it affects Critically evaluate the situation Explore the impact of the environmental problem on the population Identify ways in which to control and prevent the problem Critically evaluate the control measures (positive and negative effects) Part 1 of this project should be approximately 2,000 words in length. Part 2: Reflective Portfolio You will be expected to maintain a personal Reflection Journal throughout the Module. At the end of the Module, you will compile journal entries from Units 1-5 into a single document and integrate a reflective component to each unit entry; this becomes your Reflective Portfolio. The focus of each journal entry will relate to the specific Unit. Reflections in each journal entry will need to be supported with appropriate theories, models and academic literature to include relevant citations. Some points to consider when writing your Reflective Summary are: What you learnt in each unit; How this might apply to your practice; How you are now starting to see the material differently from the start of the unit or module; How your attitude or understanding has changed towards the topic; and What insights you have gained? The subtitle of this module is Making Sense of Health Trends and Problems. Over the course of the previous four units, you have learned a number of approaches that will help you understand and solve problems in population health. As you address these challenges, reflect on the material we have covered and remember to ask yourself questions such as the following: Unit 1: Have I used the right data to assess the problem? Have I answered the questions Compared to what? and Are they comparable? Have I confirmed that the problem really exists? Have I identified the hazards and assessed the risks associated with the problem? Unit 2: Have I described the epidemiological triad (agent, susceptible host and environment)? Have I considered all the components of an outbreak investigation (if appropriate)? Have I incorporated the hierarchy of risk control in my risk treatment planning? Have I assessed the potential positive and negative side effects of the risk controls I am proposing? Unit 3: Have I addressed the causative agent and the route of transmission? Have I gone further to address the underlying forces that led to the existence or persistence of the health risk? Have I also given full consideration to issues of environmental justice and health equity? Unit 4: Have I considered how to prevent this problem beyond the current scenario? Have I considered which level(s) of prevention could be used to effectively and efficiently prevent negative health outcomes? Effective and ethical management of population health issues will require answers to all these questions, as well as significant involvement of community stakeholders. The challenge of engaging with all these issues as part of your individual compone.nts will help prepare you for the complexities of real-world practice in the field. What insights you have gained? These are only a few areas to consider; therefore you are expected to review the readings on reflective writing. Part 2 of this project should be approximately 1,000 words in length. Your total submission should be approximately 3,000 words in length. Advice on word count: Submissions that range from 10% below to 10% above the recommended word count are acceptable.

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