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STAT 280-Week 4-Assignment – Developing and Interpreting Charts

01 / 10 / 2021 Projects

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STAT 280-Week 4-Assignment – Developing and Interpreting Charts

Week 4 | Assignment – Developing andInterpreting Charts12345Continue using the Cake Mix Assignment Data workbook.Use a new Excel workbook (i.e., file) for this assignment.Copy the Assignment Data (i.e., cake mix data) to Sheet 1, cellsA1:P32, of the new Excel workbook.Create a histogram on Sheet 1 using variable "Sugar grams". Makesure there are no spaces between columns (bins) and includeappropriate titles for the x­ and y­axes. Make sure to show all yourwork to include identification of each bin and the frequency count foreach bin as shown in the textbook example for histograms. Also,make sure to use the appropriate array formula to calculatefrequencies. Finally, use the histogram to evaluate the shape of thedistribution (i.e., address symmetry, and modality). Record the resultsof your evaluation in a cell adjacent to the histogram.Change the fill for the columns (bins) from default solid color to apattern of your choice.6Save and submit the Excel file with your last name and week number,e.g., Smith4.xlsx.

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