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SOC 212 Quiz 4 -The sociological concept of definition

01 / 10 / 2021 Projects

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SOC 212 Quiz 4 -The sociological concept of definition

SOC. 212 Quiz 4- Text is; Leon-Guerrero, A. (2015). Social problems: Community, policy, andsocial action (5th ed.) Los Angeles, CA: Sage.Question 1 of 20The sociological concept of “definition of the situation” was developed by1.0 PointsA.W.I. Thomas and Dorothy SwaineThomas.B.Elizabeth Kubler Ross.C.Rosabeth Moss Kanter.D.R. S. Smith and Kai Erickson.1.0Question 2 of 20PointsAccording to the research of Myra and David Sadker (1994):A.boys receive less praise, corrections, and feedback than girls in school.B.girls receive less attention than boys in school.C.boys receive less attention than girls in school.D.girls and boys receive about the same amount of attention, praise, correction,and feedback in school.1.0Question 3 of 20PointsThe No Child Left Behind Act was passed during the __________ administration.A.Bush.B.Clinton.C.Reagan.D.Ford.Question 4 of1.020PointsThe educational attainment level of adults is expected toA.decline.B.ebb and flow.C.rise.D.remain thesame.1.0Question 5 of 20PointsOne of the most powerful predictors of student achievement isA.gender.B.standardized testscores.C.motivation.D.socioeconomicstatus.1.0Question 6 of 20PointsThe Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network’s 2011 National School Climate Surveyshowed __________ of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered youth reported feelingunsafe in school due to their sexual orientation.A.25%.B.31%C.63.5%D.16%Question 7 of1.020PointsWhich of the following educational reform acts endorsed the concept of school choice?A.No Child Left Behind ActB.National DefenseEducation ActC.Nation at Risk ActD.Goals 2000 EducateAmerica Act1.0Question 8 of 20PointsEvaluation data of the Head Start program has identified the positive relationship betweenearly childhood program enrollment with all the following exceptA.high schoolgraduation.B.home ownership.C.motivation.D.job opportunities.1.0Question 9 of 20PointsThe Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which prohibits employment discrimination basedon sexual orientation and has yet to pass, was introduced in the yearA.1994.B.2000.C.2004.D.2010.Question 10 of1.020PointsThe Fair Labor Standards Act establishes standards for all but which of the following?A.MinimumwageB.DiscriminationC.Child laborD.OvertimeQuestion 11 of 201.0PointsWhich president created the U.S. Department of Labor?A.Franklin D.RooseveltB.TheodoreRooseveltC.Harry S. TrumanD.William H. Taft1.0Question 12 of 20PointsWhich statement is NOT true about living wages?A.The term “living wage” was first used in the 1800s.B.Living wages increase worker’s wages.C.Research has confirmed that higher living wages hurt the local economy.D.Living wages have been promoted as a policy tool to address economicand social inequality.1.0Question 13 of 20PointsWhich state became the first to require a living wage?A.OregonB.MarylandC.IowaD.NewYorkQuestion 14 of1.020PointsAll of the following are associated with the Union of Needletrades, Industrial, and TextileEmployees exceptA.UNITE HERE.B.United Students AgainstSweatshops.C.Liberty University.D.The Student Labor ActionProject.1.0Question 15 of 20PointsThe most recent recession officially started inA.early1981.B.mid1996.C.late2005.D.late2007.Question 16 of1.020PointsA _______ is when the overall state of the economy declines, measured by multipleindicators: a decline in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP – the total production of goods andservices) for two or more consecutive quarters, an increase in unemployment rates and adecline in housing prices and values.A.depressionB.economicdownturnC.inflationD.recessionQuestion 17 of 201.0PointsCompared to native-born workers, foreign-born workers are more likely to be all of thefollowing exceptA.older.B.male,C.lesseducated.D.younger.Question 18 of 201.0PointsBy 2013, for every dollar a man earned, a woman madeA.59cents.B.67.8cents.C.78.3cents.D.87 centsQuestion 19 of1.020PointsPeriods of unemployment have been linked to all of the following social problems exceptA.suicide.B.spousal abuse.C.depression.D.massincarceration.Question 20 of 201.0PointsThe largest marine oil spill in U.S. history affected which part of the United States?A.The Northeastern PacificcoastB.The Alaskan coastC.The Mississippi RiverDeltaD.The Chesapeake Bay

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