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Select and grind coffee beans. 2.1.Select coffee beans and grind to appropriate particle size according to relevant factors.

01 / 10 / 2021 Essays & Coursework

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Unit Sector


Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Organise coffee workstation.

1.1.Complete mise en place for coffee service to enable efficient work flow and easy access to ingredients, equipment, and service-ware.

1.2.Place ingredients in correct containers and conditions to maintain freshness.

1.3.Prepare espresso machine and grinder for service according to manufacturer instructions.

2. Select and grind coffee beans.

2.1.Select coffee beans and grind to appropriate particle size according to relevant factors.

2.2.Complete test extractions before service to ensure correct particle size of grind, and assess and adjust according to relevant factors.

2.3.Adjust grind regularly throughout the service period according to relevant factors.

2.4.Monitor efficiency of grinder for correct dose and grind during use, and resolve or report issues.

2.5.Clean grinder as required during or after the service period.

3. Advise customers and take espresso coffee orders.

3.1.Provide information and recommendations about types of coffee beverages and accompaniments.

3.2.Identify customer preferences and take orders.

4. Extract and monitor quality of espresso.

4.1.Select and prepare appropriate service-ware.

4.2.Select correct filter basket and clean, dry and dose it with required amount of ground coffee.

4.3.Tamp ground coffee to make even and level cake.

4.4.Flush group head before attaching group handle to extract espresso.

4.5.Monitor quality of extraction during service period and make adjustments.

4.6.Monitor efficiency of espresso machine during service, and resolve or report issues.

5. Undertake milk texturing process.

5.1.Select cold milk and appropriate milk foaming jug to fulfil customer orders.

5.2.Purge the steam wand every time before texturing.

5.3.Texture milk according to type of milk and coffee beverage.

5.4.Visually and aurally monitor and adjust the texture and temperature.

5.5.Clean the steam wand on the outside and purge every time after texturing.

5.6.Combine foam and milk through swirling, ensuring even consistency.

5.7.Pour milk immediately after swirling, according to the coffee beverage.

6. Serve espresso coffee beverages.

6.1.Present coffee beverages attractively and without drips and spills.

6.2.Serve coffee beverages promptly at the required temperature and with appropriate accompaniments.

6.3.Minimise waste to maximise profitability of beverages produced.

7. Clean espresso equipment.

7.1.Clean espresso machine and equipment thoroughly and safely according to organisational procedures and manufacturer instructions.

7.2.Maintain water filtration system according to organisational procedures.

7.3.Refer faults and maintenance issues requiring technical specialists to supervisor.

7.4.Use energy and water resources efficiently when preparing coffee beverages and cleaning to reduce negative environmental impacts.

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