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Relational Database and Web Integration CIS2360

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment

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Find all the customers who live in Burnley. Display customer id and customer name.

 Display the total value of payments (for rentals only) that have been received by each employee, and sort by employee national insurance number (empnin).

Display the total number of films that are rented out by each store, sort by storeid. 

Display individual dvds that are rented out from every     shop, show the filmid and dvdid, sort by filmid &     dvdid. 
Display individual dvds that are rented out from every     shop, show the filmid, dvdid, shop name and the film     name, sort by filmid & dvdid. 

Display individual dvds that are rented out from every     shop, show the filmid, dvdid, shop name, the film name     and the number of times the film has been rented out     from the individual shop, sort by filmid & dvdid. 

 Display individual films that are rented out from any     of the 12 shops, show the shop name, the film name and     the number of times the film has been rented out from     the individual shop, sort by filmid. 

Display all customers who did not rent any movie so far and sort by custid.

 Display the total amount received by different payment type, and sort by ptdescription. 

 Display the number of movies rented out based on the movie rating, and sort by rating. 

Display the top 5 customers based on their total payment, and sort their total payment in decreasing order.

List all the manager`s names and the names of the employee they manage. Sort by manager nin & employee nin.

List all the movies rented by an individual customer. Display the columns: filmtitle, rsdescription (rental status), rentalrate, payment_empnin (the employee that loaned the film to the customer), filmrental_empnin (the employee to whom the film was returned), ptdescription (payment type) and pdescription (payment status).
 The company keeps information about films. The model answer to part one of the assignment has been designed as an inefficient solution in terms of film information. As such, you should discuss a better solution to the model answer provided for part one. 

You have not discussed anything that is relevant to the question.

 Conceptual Design for the improved solution discussed above.

No changes to the existing model

Discuss and model the information you could keep about films.

You have mentioned by chance some of the new attributes and table you could create. No model

 Discuss and evaluate alternative DBMS. 

You have mixed up Q4 and Q5 so will consider them as a whole. You could have discussed proprietary databases such as Oracle and SqlServer or open source systems such as MariaDB or PostgreSQL. In terms of Q5 you could have considered NoSql and in-memory databases.
Discuss alternative data storage and management solutions that a data administrator may recommend as a solution to data provision and management.

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