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Quinsigamond BIO 112 – A & P II Heart Thimmiah

01 / 10 / 2021 Projects

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Quinsigamond BIO 112 – A & P II Heart Thimmiah


Heart Thimmiah

You should be able to
identify the following structures and know their functions.
Structures to be identified before making a frontal
section of the heart
.1. Locate the Surfaces, Apex and Base of the
a. .How many surfaces? (clue – Auricles)
b. Locate the chambers on each surface

2. Pericardium
a. How many layers? What is the function?
b. Name the layers
c. Which layer is closest to the heart
and which one is the farthest?
d. Which layer is present in the heart
that you are dissecting?
e. Is there a space between the layers?
What does it contain and what is the normal quantity?
What is pericarditis
and pericardial effusion?

3. Myocardium

a. .Right ventricle – measure the thickness of the

b. .Left ventricle – measure the thickness of the

c. Right atrium

d. .Left atrium

4. Anterior Interventricular sulcus, Posterior
interventricular sulcus and Atrioventricular groove. What is the significance of these sulci and
the groove?

5. Branches of the coronary Artery – (locate just approximate location) and
their area of supply

a. Right Coronary artery

b. Left coronary artery

c. Anterior interventricular (descending) artery
Why does a thrombus in this
branch cause sudden death?

d. Posterior Interventricular (descending)artery

e. Circumflex artery

f. Marginal artery

g. What is Angina pectoris and Myocardial infarction?

Structures to
be identified after the frontal section of the heart

All the four chambers

Aortic semi lunar valves – What is the function?

Pulmonary semi lunar valves
– What is the function?

Mitral valve / Bicuspid valve
If this valve does not close properly which circulation does it

Tricuspid valve

Describe structural differences between the right and left AV

Can the heart function with leaky valves?

Chordae tendineae – what it
is its role?

Pectinate muscles – what is its role?

Papillary muscle – what is its role?

. Trabeculae carnea – what
is its role?

7. Complete the
scheme of circulation of a red blood
cell which is in the right atrium and wants to travel to the Arch of the Aorta.
Right Atrium -à

8. . Explain
structural and functional differences between the cardiac muscle and the
skeletal muscle.

9. What is PMI?

10. What is the direction of the Apex and Base in the thorax?

11. .Describe the relationship of the Heart to the Lungs,
Sternum and Vertebrae.

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