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Principles and classroom practices. New York: Pearson/Longman. Brown, H.D. and Abeywickrama,

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2.2 COURSE MATERIALS Bachman and Palmer, S. (1996). Language Testing in Practice. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Brown, J.D. (2005). Testing in language programs. New York: McGraw Hill. Brown, J.D. (2004). Language assessment: Principles and classroom practices. New York: Pearson/Longman. Brown, H.D. and Abeywickrama, P. (2010). Language Assessment: Principles and classroom practices. New York: Pearson/Longman. Coombe, C., Folse, K. Hubley, N. (2007). A practical guide to assessing English language learners. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press. Hughes, A. (2003). Testing for Language Teachers. 2nd Ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Madsen, H. (1983). Techniques in Testing. Oxford: Oxford University Press. McNamara, T. (2000) Language Testing. Oxford: Oxford University Press. O`Malley, J. and Pierce, L. (1996). Authentic Assessment for English Language Learners: Practical Approaches for Teachers. New York: Addison-Wesley. Weir, C. (1993). Understanding and Developing Language Tests. London: Prentice Hall. 2.3 STUDENT INPUT Students are expected: • to attend classes, particularly in view of the level of participation required. • to prepare for these classes and make contributions as required • to act in a collegial and encouraging way towards other students • to inform the School in the case of illness etc.   3. ASSESSMENT 3.1 GENERAL INFORMATION For guidelines on submission, presentation and referencing of work, please see the School handbook. Please note that there are University-wide penalties for late submission of work and overlength. These, too, can be found in the School handbook. You are expected to be familiar with these guidelines – failing to follow them will result in loss of marks! If you require a mitigating circumstances form, you can download it here . For advice on essay writing, please see the School handbook, or consult the Skills Team web pages at  The module is assessed as follows:  one essay of 2000 words (50%)  one assessment portfolio (40%) plus presentation (10%) The deadline for the portfolio is 12 noon on Thursday, Week 11 Presentations in class, Week 11 The deadline for the essay is 12 noon on Thursday, Week 12 3.2 INSTRUCTIONS The title of the assessed essay, is ‘An examination of one or more of the areas within the field of language testing and assessment’. This will mainly be a literature review of research carried out on your chosen area; however you may also include your own personal experiences, and opinions from a pedagogical point of view. Essay Content In your assessed essay you should show your appreciation of the published literature about language testing and assessment. Within your essay, you should explain your rationale for choosing the area for discussion, and provide ample information, evaluation and reflection on this area. You may choose to focus on any of the topics that are outlined within the module content, or any other issues as they arise in class. Examples of Areas to Pursue Among other areas you may wish to consider: • The characteristics of testing (validity, reliability etc.) • A comparison of different types of tests for language learning • The use of alternatives in testing and student/teacher reactions • The issue of washback from certain tests • Affective issues related to student test-taking • IELTS and other proficiency tests I would like to do my essay in characteristics of testing or the washaback

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