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Prepare a 3000-word case study report about a sustainability issue in Starbucks affecting its supply chain.

01 / 10 / 2021 Supple Chain

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Prepare a 3000-word case study report about a sustainability issue in Starbucks affecting its supply chain. The case study MUST relate to (environmental and/or social) sustainability; and from a logistics or supply chain perspective. Describe and critically evaluate the initiatives undertaken by the case organisation to address environmental and/or social issues and the impact on supply chain operations. You are also required to provide recommendations for the organisation for a more effective sustainable supply chain. You are required to cite at least TEN references in the report using the Harvard referencing system and including at least SIX academic journal articles. An omission to include six journal articles or incorrect use of the Harvard referencing system will result in a failure for the Referencing component. The objective of this assignment is to enable you to critically analyse the facts of supply chains and sustainability issues today, and to present your analysis and recommendations which are convincing, well supported and within word constraints. Requirements for Assignment 2: Use Arial Font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing. Reference list on a separate page after recommendations. Use the UniSA Harvard Style of referencing only. Do NOT use footnotes. Print word count at the end of your assignment (after the recommendations section). Print your name and student ID in a header on each page. Number each page. Do not include the Cover Page or Feedback form in your submission. Note that the body of the assignment should contain around 3,000 words (+ or – 300 words). The assignment (including the Reference section) must also demonstrate that it utilises the UniSA Harvard referencing style in a consistent manner. A copy can be found in the LearnOnline course website. Marking criteria and standards Marks will be awarded for: relevance of your answer to the question originality and creative thought research up-to-date with the topic clarity of expression supporting documentation for arguments correct documentation and use of at least TEN sources of references including journal articles (Harvard Referencing system within context) logical planning and sequence use of inclusive language overall presentation, including correct grammar, spelling and punctuation comprehensive coverage reflecting engagement with readings, texts and other relevant materials. Content Page (2 marks) Executive Summary (1 page) (10 marks) Introduction (8 marks) Description of the sustainability initiatives (15 marks) Assessment of the issues and impact on the supply chain (25 marks) Recommendations (20 marks) English Expression (10 marks) Referencing (10 marks) TOTAL 100 marks

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