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Only analyse Price by itself. The importance of other variables is considered in other tasks.

01 / 10 / 2021 Statistics

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Only analyse Price by itself. The importance of other variables is considered in other tasks. You should, at the very least, thoroughly investigate relevant summary measures (and their reliability) for this variable. Also, there may well be suitable tables and graphs that will illustrate, further and more clearly, other important features of house prices. In your report you should comment, where relevant, on data location, central tendency, variability, shape and outliers for this variable. Reference: Module 1 – Topic 2  
Task Two – Factors influencing house prices Analyse house prices against all other variables included in the dataset. Use appropriate descriptive techniques such as cross-tabulations, comparative summary measures, scatter diagrams to identify key relationships. In your report you should only include the most important factors that impact house prices (approximately between 3 – 5 factors).  Reference: Module 2 – Topic 4  
Task Three – Development of a multiple regression model for house price You should follow the model building process outlined in topic 5. You are only required to consider linear relationships in the model. Each stage of developing your model should be included in your analysis. You will notice in the Shiraz spreadsheet that there are tabs called Q3.1, Q3.2, etc. These are where you place each version of your model. Note that if you have undertaken more iterations of the model then add more worksheets. The report should only include your final model and a description of its overall strength as well as the influence of each variable. Reference: Module 2 – Topics 4 and 5  
Task Four – Time series analysis Quarterly median house prices in Shiraz from Q1, 2012 to Q4, 2015 are given in Qtr Price Data worksheet. Develop a multiplicative time series model to forecast median house prices for the next 4 quarters (Q1, 2016 to Q4, 2016). If the observed values for those 4 quarters are as below, calculate the MAPE of the forecast. Time Period Quarter Observed 17 2016-Q1 950 18 2016-Q2 1320 19 2016-Q3 1500 20 2016-Q4 1090  
Reference: Module 2 – Topic 6  
Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation Assignment 2 – Trimester1, 2016 Page 4 
Task Five – Critique the Business Research Approach Discuss the suitability of the general business research approach taken. In your response, include possible alternative approaches and other sources of (secondary) data. If the analysis was to be repeated in the future, would you recommend a different approach? Note that no actual analysis is required for this task.  Reference: Module 1 – Topic

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