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One important part of using research is the ability to understand research;

01 / 10 / 2021 HealthCare

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One important part of using research is the ability to understand research; with the ability to understand research comes to the ability to appraise research. Appraising research incorporates understanding how research is conducted and then involves critiquing and evaluating the implications of a research publication. For Assessment Task 2, you should pretend that you work within a government department and have been asked to provide a recommendation as to whether a particular health intervention should be funded. To do this, you will critically evaluate articles on the one topic, from a selection of 4 topics: 1. Adoption of an active transport program – the Walking School Bus 2. Adoption of a breast screening program as described in the articles 3. Adopting AZT therapy for the treatment of HIV 4. Establishing Indigenous men’s sheds as a form of an effective support group You will then be required to conduct a small literature search on the topic to see if the broader (and more recent) literature supports the same recommendations as those reported in the provided articles.Based on your critical appraisal of these articles, you will then provide a final recommendation as to whether the intervention should be funded. Content of your assessment 1. Select which topic you are interested in, and download the articles within that topic. 2. Read these articles carefully and make sure you understand the content, argument, vocabulary etc. Use the resources from the unit content and readings to help you explore relevant research principles, terms and issues. Use the resources available through the library website to advance your understanding and to access additional references to support your work. 4. Conduct a small literature review on your topic and locate other articles. In your assessment, you should make note of what databases and search terms you used to find these articles. 5. Identify what kinds of similar and/or associated studies were conducted, and use an appropriate critical appraisal tool to consider effectiveness and rigour to help comparing quality of evidence between studies – part of this process is identifying whether they validate or refute the recommendations of the provided articles.Critical appraisal should be applied to a minimum of two articles in addition to those provided. Where possible, for simplicity, use a relevant CASP (Critical Appraisal Skills Program)tool. An easy link to locate them is here: http://www.casp-uk.net Also note an Onemda Critical Appraisal Tool can be used in conjunction with the CASP model when reviewing Indigenous research – this has been uploaded in the Assessment folder. Retain a bibliography of reviewed articles that can be attached as an appendix to your assignment. Although you might not draw on all collected articles for your reference list (the list of articles cited in-text), this demonstrates wider reading. 6. Based on your critical appraisal of these articles, write a summary recommendation as to whether the intervention should be funded. Marking The assignment is marked out of 100, and is worth 50% of your final grade. See the marking guide for details on how this assessment will be marked; it is located in the AT2 folder. Remember: Assessments are your way of demonstrating achievement of the learning outcomes for this unit. By successfully completing this assessment, you will be able to: 1. Identify different types of research used in health practice (ULO3) 2. Decide upon the appropriateness of different types of research methods and findings (ULO 4) 3. Critically appraise research articles and defend this appraisal (ULO 5). Note: This assessment has been specifically designed to give students practical experience in critical appraisal and literature searching skills before they commence their minor project.

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