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Informatics and Financial Applications

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment

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Question 1:In this report you will be demonstrating your skill in academic writing and presentation skills. We will be carefully looking at your word skills in this report.  In this report you will be reporting on financial applications and information systems.  Please pick an industry such as Banking, retailing etc. and discuss the following sections with reference to this industry.  If you are unsure what industry to choose, please choose Retail.This report should contain1.A title page and should include the below.a.The name of the courseb.The assignment number and description (that is, Assignment one)c.Your name and student numberd.A picture illustrating your reports content2.An executive summary containing a short summary of the report. This summary should be no more than 200 words.3.A Table of Contents – This must be generated by word and not created manually.4.A Table of Figures – This must be generated by word and not created manually.5.The body of the report with the following sections.a.An introduction, explaining the contents of your report. Please note you need to make sure that this section can be read easily as a section and should be around 150 words long.b.Digital data and business. In this section you should briefly talk about the issues of data management in modern business. Please note that in this section you may choose any problem that you think fits this issue. You should include at least two references and use Microsoft Word capabilities to include these in the bibliography.  Please include at least one figure and use cross-referencing to refer to this figure in your text. This section should be no more than 250 words long.c.Data and business intelligence. In this section you should discuss the opportunities that data might bring to your industry.  Please include a graph in this section that you have constructed yourself rather than cut and pasted from someone else’s material. This section should be no more than 250 words long.d.A conclusion section.6.In the report you need to include a header section showing the name of the course and the description of this assignment. Please note this section is not to show on the title page.7.In the report you need to include a footer section, containinga.Your name – justified leftb.Your student number in the centrec.The page number – justified right. Please note a page number should not be shown on the title page, page numbers before the body of the report should be shown in roman numerals and page numbers in the body of the report should start at 1.8.The figures included in the report should be presented with captions and must be referred to in the report and should be cross-referenced.
Question 2:Your manager has asked you to present your report to a group of business people and produce a five (5) slide PowerPoint presentation.  The individual slides should be pasted into an appendix of the report.

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