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Include diagram and image too! Part B: FOH & Monitor - Equipment & Systems Overview

01 / 10 / 2021 Electronics

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 Include diagram and image too! Part B: FOH & Monitor - Equipment & Systems Overview: For Part 2 you will need to use the web and any material available in the libraries/magazines, on FOH Systems and Equipment. Find out about the latest in PA systems: Start with the different types of systems suitable for small venues and large venues. Explain the different speaker arrays – Centre Cluster and Line Arrays. Research the various brands and makes of FOH and Monitor speakers and find which makes and models are often used. Research the latest and popular FOH and Monitor mixers. Find the most often used brands and models, and what makes these makes and models stand-out as the better choices. Offer your opinion on what you think would be good to use and why. Research the use of Graphic Equalisers and Feedback Suppressors to handle feedback. Research the different types of FOH speakers and sub woofers – What are long throw speakers? For In-Ear monitors, find-out how this helps with monitoring and what are some of the drawbacks. Objectives: The purpose of this part of the assessment is for you to get familiar with the various types of PA Systems and Equipment. This knowledge will be of help to you when you speak with people in the industry. People in the industry often talk in specific terms of certain systems and equipment. It is easier to understand what they are talking about if you have some knowledge of it and being able to speak in ‘like terms’ will help you assimilate into the industry faster. Requirements: (Written work) Submit this together with Part 1. Your write-up should have a word count of at least 3000 of your own words. Remember to get the information from the web, but use your own words. You should include images and diagrams. PLUS - How much power do you need for a PA – 1watt RMS OR 10 watts RMS per person? Which means that if your audience is 2000 people, then is 2,000 watts RMS power enough? How does mixing for FOH differ from mixing for a CD and how does mixing for Monitors differ from mixing for FOH? Print-out the written report and the photos as well and burn this into a CD. Submit the printed-out work and the CD together into the deposit box in the DMIT office on the 4th floor of T19. Remember; use your own words. Marking Scheme : 20% for Content – PA systems – types, PA speakers - types/brand & models Monitors – types/brands & models, Microphones & DI’s –makes and models commonly used 5% for how mixing for FOH differs from mixing for a CD (studio production) and how does mixing for Monitors differ from mixing for FOH. 5% for the 1 watt per person findings. 10% for the originality of the language used and the organisation of the content 10% for Images/Diagrams and photos

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