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If a glass rod is rubbed with silk, the rod becomes

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If a glass rod is rubbed with silk, the rod becomes

2. If a glass rod is rubbed with silk, the rod becomes positively charged. How did the charge get there?4. If you hung a charged rubber rod so that it is free to swing, and brought a charged glass rod near it,what would you expect to happen?6. Compare and electron, proton, and neutron with respect to charge and mass.8. Why is a normal atom neutral?10. Compare the distribution of charge on two rods, an aluminum and ebonite rod, if each rod has beencharged by contact at one end while supported by a good insulator. Also, explain how you would use anelectroscope to check your answer.12. Explain what happens if a positively charged rod touches the top of a neutral electroscope. Whattransfer occurs?13. A negatively charged rod is brought near one end of a metal cylinder on a glass beaker. What kinds ofexcess charge would you expect to find on the end of the metal cylinder closest to the rod? And theother end? Explain14. What would happen to the charge distribution on the cylinder, in the previous question, if the rodwas removed? What would happen if you touch the far side of the metal cylinder before the rod wasremoved and then took the rod away from the metal cylinder?16. Given a sphere of unknown charge, describe a simple test involving an electroscope, ebonite rod andfur to determine conclusively the sign of the charge on the sphere?18. A very fine stream of water coming out of a faucet can be attracted be either a negative ebonite rodor a positive glass rod.a) Is the water charged by friction in the pipe? How could you test your opinion?b) If charged rods attract only other oppositely charged bodies, how would you explain theattraction of the water to either a positive or negative rod?

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