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how the agency or program might be improved.

01 / 10 / 2021 Questions

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lang=EN The center provides medical and social services for seniors and adults with disabilities. Offers diversity in services as well as diversity in clientele. Groups of all ages interact despite the services provided. More information about the Center for Social Change: https://www.centerforsocialchange.org/medcare/medcarehome.php This assignment assesses intended outcomes 1, 2, 4, 5, & 6: 1.Develop cultural awareness in order to effectively support and provide for a culturally diverse aging population. 2.Evaluate the role of culture in order to effectively provide services to an aging population. 4. Evaluate the effect of culture and health policy on accessing health care services that improve health outcomes for older adults. 5. Analyze the effect of socioeconomic factors on cultural aging in order to improve the quality of later life. 6. Predict and analyze future trends in aging in order to identify mechanisms by which the quality of life of culturally diverse elders may be improved. Locate an agency or a program that provides services to diverse elders. Ask for the person in charge, tell that person you are a student conducting an observational study, and request the person’s permission to do so. Think about the attitudes, values, beliefs, and lifestyles of the diverse elders in that program or agency. Identify the things that are important to diverse elders and compare those important activities and values with the services and activities delivered by your selected agency or program. This will require you to sit down and talk with the program residents in person. Several things are important for this paper. The first is that you spend enough time in the agency or program to understand the cultural values and beliefs of different ethnic groups and how they can be used as a coping mechanism in the aging process. The second is that you understand the concept of cultural competence and the role it plays in preparing agencies and programs to deal with a diversified aging cohort. The third is that you determine whether the residents mingle in cliques determined by ethnic group, or whether they intermingle easily with each other. The fourth is that you assess whether or not residents are treated equally regardless of their ethnic group membership. What is the overall pattern of service the staff provides? Give examples that demonstrate your conclusions about this. The fifth is that you note whether there are differences in the service provision due to other variablesfor instance, religion, degree of mental deterioration (if any residents have such), gender, age. After you have considered the above, accumulate your data, locate the trends, and determine whether certain aspects of service provision might be improved and/or how the agency or program might be improved. The paper should be 810 pages, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides. The page count does not include the title page or references.

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