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HCP -0530 Fall 2016 Exam Ch 8 (Graded Answers)

01 / 10 / 2021 Projects

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HCP -0530 Fall 2016 Exam Ch 8 (Graded Answers)

Chapter 8 ExamQUESTION 11. Binet and Simon s original intelligence test wasdesigned to measure diverse aspects of emotional intelligence.developed to identify students who were unable to benefit from regular classroom instruction.developed to determine the underlying mental abilities associated with intelligence tests.used to screen infants and toddlers with developmental delays.5 points QUESTION 21. When Spearman examined intelligence test items, he proposed thattest items measure a variety of separate factors, or primary mental abilities.scores on intelligence tests depend on an individual s crystallized intelligence.an underlying general intelligence influenced each of them.IQ scores are poor predictors of academic achievement.5 points QUESTION 31. Mikayla received a Trivial Pursuit game for Christmas when she was 10. By the time she was 14, she could beat almost any opponent. This is an example of __________ intelligence.divergentspecificcrystallizedfluid5 points QUESTION 41. At different intervals during Jonah s first 18 years, he was given an intelligence test. Gains in his test performance over time, according to componential analyses, are due toadvances in general intelligence.increases in processing speed.greater familiarity with the test.metacognitive knowledge.5 points QUESTION 51. Sternberg s triarchic theory of successful intelligence reminds us thatpractical intelligence is never culture-free.crystallized intelligence is a better predictor of academic success than fluid intelligence.quick reaction time is the key to success on most intelligence tests.nonshared environmental influences play a major role in determining one s level of intelligence.5 points QUESTION 61. According to Gardner s theory of multiple intelligences, __________ intelligence is the ability to recognize and classify all varieties of animals, minerals, and plants.logico-mathematicalspatialnaturalistscientific5 points QUESTION 71. The WISC IV was developed todownplay crystallized intelligence.measure practical intelligence.assess verbal abilities.screen individuals who may be at risk for developmental problems.5 points QUESTION 81. Teresa scored 130 on an IQ test. This means she outperformed _____ percent of same-age children.102565985 points QUESTION 91. Which of the following statements regarding the stability of IQ scores is true?The closer in time two testings are, the weaker the relationship between the scores.Regardless of age at first testing, IQ scores are highly stable.Infant IQ scores accurately predict IQ in childhood.Theolder the child at time of first testing, the better the prediction of later IQ.5 points QUESTION 101. Many studies show that children from economically disadvantaged familiesfall further and further behind their agemates in both IQ and achievement as they get older.score 5 to 10 points lower in IQ than children from economically advantaged families.show substantial catch-up in IQ and achievement once they start school.usually catch up to agemates in both IQ and achievement as they get older.5 points QUESTION 111. Which of the following statements is supported by research on IQ?IQ correlates best with achievement in concrete subjects, such as history and foreign language.By age 2, IQ is a valid predictor of academic achievement.Practical intelligence predicts on-the-job performance at least as well as IQ.Childhood IQ is unrelated to occupational attainment.5 points QUESTION 121. Which of the following statements regarding differences in general intelligence is true?On average, Asian-American children score slightly lower than Caucasian children on measures of general intelligence.The IQ gap between middle- and low-SES children is about 9 points.Children who score high in general intelligence often score below average in emotional intelligence.Children who score high in emotional intelligence often score below average in general intelligence.5 points QUESTION 131. Like Jensen, Herrnstein and Murray argued that _______ play(s) a sizable role in the black white IQ gap.environmenttest biasheredityboth heredity and environment5 points QUESTION 141. In which of the following situations would IQ correlations be strongest?Alana and Shea, identical twins reared apartJanette and Ryan and their adopted childrenJonathan and David, fraternal twins reared togetherRika and Trigg, unrelated siblings living together5 points QUESTION 151. A major limitation of heritability estimates is thatbetween-group differences are largely due to heredity.rearing conditions are likely to have a large impact on within-group but not between-group variability.the heritability of IQ is higher under advantaged than disadvantaged rearing conditions.they cannot account for between-group differences.5 points QUESTION 161. Adoption studies repeatedly revealthat environment has little to no measurable effect on children s IQ scores.stronger correlations between the IQ scores of biological relatives than between those of adoptive relatives.that as children mature, they become more similar in IQ to their adoptive parents and less similar to their biological mothers.that adopted children of low-IQ biological mothers score below average in IQ during the school years.5 points QUESTION 171. Studies on the Flynn effect indicate that the largest increases in IQ from one generation to the next occur on tests ofspatial reasoning.emotional intelligence.verbal ability.processing speed.5 points QUESTION 181. The language and verbal skills that Sanju grew up with in her African-American family are more likely to emphasize _________, whereas Scott, growing up in a middle-SES white family, would more likely encounter a(n) _________.emotional and social concerns; object-oriented environment with knowledge-training questionsobjective questions; environment heavily influenced by analogy questionshierarchical communication; collaborative style of communication.topic-focused communication; topic-associating style of communication5 points QUESTION 191. Because of the requirements of the U.S. No Child Left Behind Act, which broadens high-stakes testing, in Ms. Logan s fifth grade classroom, she feels pressure topay particular attention to the needs of her gifted and talented students.spend large amounts of time on drill-based exercises.upgrade her teaching skills.emphasize in-depth understanding rather than surface knowledge.5 points QUESTION 201. Research on the Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment (HOME) shows thatthe HOME IQ correlation is higher for adopted children than biological children.the relationship between HOME scores and IQ increases in middle childhood.conditions in the home have little effect on IQ scores.a stimulating physical setting predicts high IQ scores in early childhood.5 points QUESTION 211. Children of newly arrived immigrant parents from Asia and Latin America do remarkably well in school becausetheir parents believe education is the surest way to improve life chances.they are typically affluent and have many resources in the home.they are placed in special fast-track classes.they are more intelligent than children born in North America.5 points QUESTION 221. Kinship research suggests thatnonshared environmental factors are more powerful than shared influences on IQ.early birth order and wide spacing between siblings is associated with high IQ.the impact of shared environment on IQ is greatest in adolescence.IQ correlations between fraternal twins increase in adolescence.5 points QUESTION 231. Which of the following statements regarding the benefits of early intervention programs is true?The benefits are greatest for children who attend community-based, rather than university-based, programs.Early intervention programs have no effect on high school graduation rates.Children who attend early intervention programs are more likely to be placed in special education classes than children who do not attend these programs.Preschool intervention is associated with reduced pregnancy and delinquency rates in adolescence.5 points QUESTION 241. Creativity typically involves hard work anda high level of natural talent.a high rate of academic success.the need to overcome obstacles on the way to the final product.an appreciation of novelty.5 points QUESTION 251. Studies of creativity show thatIQ and creativity are highly correlated.extensive knowledge is not necessary to make a creative contribution to a field.creative individuals rely on insight processes.creative people typically have little patience and persistence in the face of obstacles.

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