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Guidelines for Study Papers The following guidelines are offered to help clarify what is meant

01 / 10 / 2021 Medical

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Guidelines for Study Papers The following guidelines are offered to help clarify what is meant by a high quality paper. The criteria used to evaluate study papers are: 1. Thoroughness of approach: The approach to a question should be comprehensive. That is, it includes not only personal opinion, but also supportive information from readings or outside sources. For example, a review of the literature should be based upon a number of pertinent articles as opposed to only one source. 2. Quality of content: The answer must address each aspect of the question and reflect thoughtful analysis of issues. For example, in discussing a controversial subject, cite alternative viewpoints, discuss counter arguments, and draw support for your conclusion. 3. Manner of presentation: Study papers must be typewritten. They should be clearly and grammatically written (well-constructed and well-organized sentences, introductory and concluding paragraphs). The average length of a study paper is 7-9 pages, but quality is more important than quantity. 4. References: All study papers should be accompanied by a reference list containing all sources from which your information has been derived. Papers without references will receive poor grades as they reflect a lack of adequate research. CHOOSE ONE OUT OF THE FOLLOWING 1. Discuss three methods of birth control in detail and assess their strengths and problems. How do they affect female, male and couple sexual function? 2. Discuss recent research on contraception and assess the strengths and problems of the most promising contraceptives of the future. 3. Trace the history of the laws and attitudes toward abortion and present trends in abortion utilization and policy. 4. Pick a major topic area (menopause, sexual victimization, HIV/AIDS, adolescent sexuality, asexuality, gender roles, sexuality and college students, use and misuse of Viagra, childhood sexuality, hormonal functioning, sexually transmitted infections) and prepare a lecture on it appropriate to a college course. 5. Design and describe in detail an experiment to study a specific component of human sexual behavior. 6. If you were a government official in charge of reducing sexually transmitted infections, how would you design a primary and secondary prevention program? 7. Discuss recent research related to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS): its prevalence, risk behavior, etiology, and treatments. 8. Chlamydia, herpes, and genital warts are the fastest growing STIs. Review statistics and research related to the transmission and treatment of one STI. 9. Discuss the sexual coping and function. of people with a medical condition such as coronary disease, diabetes, cancer, blindness, cerebral palsy. 10. How has the AIDS epidemic changed sexual behavior? What constitutes "safe sex" and how effective are these techniques? Are there different strategies for females and males?

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