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Group Assignment

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment

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Please present the answers as a report format. No Executive Summary or Index page is required. A short introduction and a short conclusion will be ideal. Word count for Case 1 should be approximately 1,500 words (or not longer than 4 pages). Case 2 requires you to show calculation. Excluding the calculation, the word count for the analysis of both parts to this case should be approximately 750 words (or no longer than 1 1/2 pages). Students are to write essay type responses in your own words. Marks will be awarded for clarity of explanations and paraphrasing from other sources including the textbooks. Concise description and correctness of answers are also important together with any diagrams or figures where applicable.
For calculation, marks will be awarded for the accuracy, showing the right formulae used, the steps in arriving at the answers, the correct answers and any diagrams/timeline as required. Correct answers alone will give you 50% of the total mark.
Where copying from other sources results in high % similarity, marks will be deducted as shown on the marksheet. Therefore, proper use of in-text referencing is important and avoid direct quotes. Turnitin will be used to check % similarity. Please do not copy the questions to be answered from the textbook as it would be reflected as part of the % similarity. As a guide, % similarity in excess of 20% will not be awarded the full mark for this category. There is a tendency for students to upload the assignment to check % similarity using Turnitin. Please note that once you upload the assignment, you cannot delete it. If another member of the group is to upload the final version, this could result in 100% similarity. Remember if you have done the work yourself, there is no need to check as allowing up to 20% similarity without penalty is very reasonable.
Under extenuating circumstances where high % similarity indicates copying from written works of other students in CQU (from previous terms) or other universities or any other institutions world-wide, the assignment will be reviewed by academic misconduct board for appropriate actions.
The assignment will be marked out of 80 marks but will be scaled down to 20 marks. Penalty for late submission is 5% per calendar day, ie, 1 mark per calendar day (including Saturday and Sunday).

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