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Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment

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Due to the expected increase in business George and Mildred are seeking to employ another consultant to take on the extra work. This person will be required to:
• build strategic relationships with a number of real estate agents, accountants and legal firms already identified
• identify and foster relationships with other real estate agents, accountants and legal firms
• provide finance and mortgage broking services to new clients identified through these strategic alliances
Task 2a —Develop complex broking options
You are required to prepare a full report for Tom and Steve by outlining the process and the risks (potential and real) of which Tom and Steve should be aware.
In a suitable format, document the process that is required for them to purchase the two units as their investment properties, establishing a joint loan in the brother’s names. You should also include a selection of lenders that will consider this style of borrowing.
In developing your report you should cover the following:
1. The parties to the loan including any opportunities or constraints that could impact on their application
2. The different options available and your recommendation of the best loan structure with the lender — are they using their own property as cross security or the cash at bank as deposit?
3. What various forms of titles could an apartment be registered in
4. A list of the lenders that are able to lend
5. The procedure to commence a loan for a property like this
6. The steps that will need to be in place
7. The client responsibilities, so Tom and Steve fully understand the loan
8. An outline as to the process and what the client needs to arrange
9. The documentation needed to commence the borrowing
10. The name in which the client will sign the contract/purchase/offer and acceptance. If a Family trust is involved what name would the title of the property be registered in, and advise what state you are using to base your answer on
11. The state revenue requirements
12. Which lenders may also require a personal guarantee from Steve’s spouse
13. The maximum LVR to the consumer
14. A summary of all fees and charges — including those for setup and those of the lender.
(800 words)
Task 3a — Implement complex loan structures
Tom and Steve have accepted your recommendations and have given you authority to proceed with their application.
As part of implementing their loan application you are required to prepare a formal written loan submission to the lender for pre-approval. Your loan submission must include the following:
• serviceability calculations
• the proposed structure of the loan given there are two brothers and there is a variance in income
• the loan amount
• the property style, size, use
• any other information that is relevant to the lenders requirements.
In additional to these requirements you should also include:
• your obligations under the NCCP (if any)
• maximum loan amount
• maximum loan terms
• any ATO consideration to be made
• your state legislation and OSR requirements
• your general advice restrictions
• property purchase requirements.

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