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FIN 3300 – Seaborn Co. has identified an investment project

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FIN 3300 – Seaborn Co. has identified an investment project

Please show work! Thank you so much!Q1`:Seaborn Co. has identified an investment project with the following cash flows.Year Cash Flow 1 $900 2 1,050 3 1,260 4 1,160 Required:(a) If the discount rate is 10 percent, what is the present value of these cash flows? A)3504.18 B)4370 C)3767.39 D)3424.90 E)3348.44(b) What is the present value at 18 percent? A)2,882 B)4370 C)3703.38 D)3400.75 E)2823.94(c) What is the present value at 29 percent? A) 2293.27 B)2334.49 C) 2376.94 D)4370 E)3011.49Q2`:If you put up $25,000 today in exchange for a 8.00 percent, 15-year annuity, what will the annual cash flow be?A$3,101.47 B$1,666.67 C$2,920.74 D$2,744.87 E$5,571.25 Q3`:Barcain Credit Corp. wants to earn an effective annual return on its consumer loans of 12 percent per year. The bank uses daily compounding on its loans. Required: What interest rate is the bank required by law to report to potential borrowers? A 12.47% B 10.20% C 12.75% D 12.00% E 11.33%

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