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During your course, you will work on number of project activities that will assist you to complete this part of the assessment. Activities will be completed in the class and at home as directed by your assessor.

01 / 10 / 2021 Marketing

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During your course, you will work on number of project activities that will assist you to complete this part of the assessment.  Activities will be completed in the class and at home as directed by your assessor. 
The outcome of assessment task 1 is to develop a marketing plan for NatureCare Products Brisbane. Read the case study below before you commence the assessment task. 
Case Study: NatureCare Products 
NatureCare Products is based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia and commenced business in 1996 manufacturing and retailing eco-friendly, high quality beauty skin care products. The business was established to cater for a growing demand for skin products that contain eco-friendly and natural ingredients. There is also an emphasis on eco-friendly packaging.  
NatureCare Products most current Strategic Plan identifies that its vision is to be a market leader for providing high quality, sustainable skin care products.   It has identified its major competitors as being Jurilique and Botani and is current working on positioning itself against this strong competition. 
Currently the organisation consists of the CEO, Operations Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Assistant, Customer Sales Officers (5) and Administration staff (3). All the positions are based in the office in Brisbane.  
The company has a range of products currently that include:
•    Cleansing creams to soothe skin during make-up removal. Primary ingredients include Shea butter to nourish the skin and plants extracts that are also rich in essential oils with regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.   This product will be for delicate and mature skins and could also be used as a baby cream.

•    Multi Protection Day Moisturizing Creamsfor dry to normal skin types that help protect the skin during the day and includes Shea butter and extracts from fragile green algae that provides hydrating and protective properties. 

•    Regenerating facial scrub to clean off dead skin cells to promote regeneration of healthy new cells. This product will be used for most skin types.

The company has become well established in the Australia market and sells its products in health stores Instructions for Assessment Task 2 to develop a marketing plan 
You must complete all the tasks below in the development of your marketing plan. 
1.    Use the marketing plan template that you have been using for class activities and develop a marketing plan for NatureCare Products based on the information provided in the case study.

2.    In your marketing plan you should document at least two unique marketing opportunity options for NatureCare Products.  Include an evaluation of each of the two options, including a review of any possible risks for the marketing opportunity identified and likely returns in regard to revenue and/or profit. 

3.    Develop marketing strategies for inclusion in your marketing plan relevant.  The marketing strategies you develop must:
•    Address the four p’s of the marketing mix in accordance with the organisation’s marketing objectives, including desired positioning. 
•    Be in line with organisational strengths and the opportunities you have identified
•    Be consistent with NatureCare’s ability to implement such marketing strategies. 
In the presentation of your marketing plan you will be required to provide a rationale for NatureCare’s marketing objectives in light of its current situation, as well as communicate the reasons for the company’s your choice of marketing strategies and why you believe that the strategies chosen are consistent with the organisation’s capability and resources and is consistent with the organisation’s strategic direction.  In your presentation, you should also identify gaps that you believe exist in resources such as staffing numbers or expertise or financial resources and indicate strategies that should be adopted to address these gaps.

4.    Your marketing plan must also include marketing tactics for each of the identified strategies.  Tactics must address the timing of the marketing strategies, staff roles and responsibilities and costs involved. In your marketing plan presentation you must explain the reasons for the chosen marketing tactics, as well as also discussing the intended coordination and monitoring mechanisms that will be used to ensure that the marketing tactics are implemented as required and according to timelines.   You must also identify how the proposed marketing tactics are achievable within the available budget and staff.  In your presentation you should identify any legal and ethical issues that need to be considered in using the marketing tactics proposed and how you have ensured these issues are addressed. 

5.    Your Marketing Plan must also document how you intend to review marketing performance against marketing objectives, including a description of the marketing metrics that you will use. In your presentation you should justify why you selected this specific approach to reviewing marketing performance.

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