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Discusses the theoretical perspective program is built upon.

01 / 10 / 2021 Questions

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POWERPOINT!!Group Counseling Program Proposal . In response to a school concern(e.g., student conduct and/or underachievement), stemming from a variety of potential presenting problems or sources (e.g., bullying, teen pregnancy, absenteeism,
shyness/withdrawal/depression, neglect and attachment difficulties), design and prepare a
detailed proposal to conduct a school counseling group. You will select a particular presenting
problem and target population early in the semester to allow for adequate planning and
thorough research, which will involve selecting a particular theoretical approach to group
counseling. The proposal must include the following topic areas: rationale (must be data driven)
based on the ideals of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and the ASCA National Model;
background (include a brief summary of the topic); level(s) of students; screening process; how
group will be advertised; session by session themes and strategies for group (number of
sessions; content of sessions; length of sessions); sample of activity or discussion topic(s);
location of group; name and position of group leader/co-leader; and sample permission slip and
age-appropriate informed consent. This assignment should follow APA format when
RUBRIC ( 2 scholarly articles to support the issue thats being addressed…. Scholarly article should not be no more than 6 years old)-Describes the presenting problem the counseling group(s) targets. States information about the prevalence of the issue(s). Describes the target
population for the group(s).-States and explains in detail rationale for offering the group(s). Indicates the
name and position of group leader/co-leader.-Details the setting where the counseling group(s) will be offered. Explains why this setting is appropriate and how it will be conducive to making the
group(s) successful. Comments on the accessibility of the setting to participants and how the setting will ensure confidentiality is maintained.- Will you/how will you screen participants?-Describes in detail, the session by session themes and strategies forgroup(s). How many sessions will you hold? What will be the content of these sessions? What activities will you carry out? How are these activities culturally sensitive/age appropriate? Particularly, be sure to note what activities will be presented at the beginning of the group(s) to establish an appropriate group dynamic as well as how group termination will be handled. Identifies the ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors that the lessons will
support.-Discusses the theoretical perspective program is built upon. Models are integrated as desired. Makes clear connections between the theoretical perspective that is taken and the activities monitored in the group(s).

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