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01 / 10 / 2021 Course Titles

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Child and Adolescent Development PaperFor this assignment you will examine how child/adolescent developmental theories apply to a case. You will have one option for which kind of case you use. You can: 1) Write about your own development.
Here is the information you need to have in your paper. Please clearly delineate each section with a heading. Also, use at least 4 academic/research sources in your paper.Your paper will consist of 3 sections:
1) Backgroundinformationabouttheindividual(demographicinformation)
2) Childhood/adolescenceinformation
3) Applicationoftheory
Here is the information you need to have in your paper. Please clearly delineate each section with a heading. Also, use at least 3 academic/research sources in your paper.Section 1: Demographic Information
1) Age
2) Race/ethnicity,
3) Sexual orientation and gender identification (i.e. what gender do they self-identify as)
4) Birthplace
5) Family information such as current relationship (e.g. divorced, etc.), if they have children, number of siblings, and any other information that is available. Also, were they raised by their biological parents, adopted, etc.
6) Current location/residence and how long they have lived there.
7) Education: What is their current highest level of educational achievement?
8) OccupationSection 2: Childhood/Adolescence
Information about the persons childhood and adolescence should include all of the following sections. If you cannot get answers to all of the questions that is acceptable, but you should provide at least some information for each section:
Infancy/Early Childhood
1) Any issue prenatally or at birthpremature, maternal health issues, etc.
2) Anymajorillnessesduringthistime?Howwasthepersonaffected?
3) Any major losses during this time?
4) Anysignificantfamilychangesorissues?
5) Who was their primary caregiver?
6) Did they go to day care?
7) Did they go to preschool?Elementary School Years
1) Schoolperformance,suchasgrades,didtheyexcelatanyonesubjectorstrugglewithsomething?
2) Whatweretheirbestorfavoritesubjects?Worstorleastfavoriteones?Why?
3) Did they like or dislike school? Why?
4) Did they like their teachers? Did they have any teachers who had a huge impact on them positive or negative?

6) Did they need any special services such as tutoring, etc.?
7) Didtheyhaveanyparticularsuccessesorfailuresatschoolduringtheseyears,e.g.awards,failinga
class, etc.?
8) Howdidtheirearlyschoolexperiencesaffectthewaytheycurrentlyvieweducation?Losses
1) Did they have any major losses in their childhood? (e.g., death, divorce, etc.)
2) Did they ever have a pet that they lost?
3) How did these losses impact them?Adolescence
1) Whatkindofromanticrelationshipsdidtheyhaveandwhatweretheylike?Whatwastheirfirstdate like?
2) Did they date in middle school and high school?
3) Did they consider their dating experiences positive or negative? In what ways?
4) Howdidtheserelationshipsimpacttheircurrentviewofrelationships?
5) Didtheystrugglewithissuesofsexualityorsexualidentityduringadolescence?Inwhatways?
6) Did they like or dislike high school? Why or why not?
7) Weretheyrebelliousinhighschool?Inwhatways?Ifnot,whynot?
8) Howdidtheyperforminhighschool?
9) Did they struggle with identity issues or knowing who/what they wanted to be during this time?
10) Did they experience peer pressure? Did they give in to peer pressure? Why or why not? Did they
have experiences of positive peer pressure that increased positive behaviors?
11) Was this peer pressure different from the peer pressure during elementary school years?
12) Did they experiment with smoking, alcohol, and/or drugs? What was that like? What did they learn
from those experiences?
13) Successes in Adolescence? (e.g. awards won, extracurricular activities, high GPAs, etc.) What impact
did these things have?
14) Failures or losses in Adolescence? (e.g. failed a course, dropped out of school, lost an award, deaths
in the family or of friends, etc.) What impact did these things have?
15) Did you work during High School? What kind of job did you have? What did you learn from
16) Did the person have any major physical or psychological illnesses? How did these impact their
adolescent experience and development?Peer Relationships during Childhood and Adolescence
1) Weretheybulliedandifso,howdidthatimpactthem?
2) Didtheyhaveabestfriendormanyfriends?Howdidtheserelationshipsimpactthem?
3) Did they consider themselves to be popular with peers?
4) Were they a bully? Why or why not?
5) Weretheirfriendsdiverse?Inwhatways?Ifnot,whynot?
6) Howdidtheimpactofpeerrelationshipschangefromearlychildhoodtoadolescence?
7) Whatdidtheylearnfromtheserelationships?
1) Did they get along with their parents and siblings? Why or why not?
2) Didtheyconsidertheirfamilylifetobepositive?Whyorwhynot?
3) Washomelifestable?
4) Werefamilymemberssupportiveofthepersonsinterestsandpursuits?Inwhatways?
5) Didtheyhaveanyextendedfamily,suchasgrandparents,auntsanduncles,etc.whowereinvolvedin
raising them? What was that like?
6) Howdidtheirearlyfamilyrelationshipsaffectthewaytheycurrentlyviewtheimportanceoffamily?
7) Inwhatwaysdotheyfeeltheirearlyfamilyrelationshipscontinuedtoaffecttheminearlyadulthood?Cultural Factors in Childhood/Adolescence
1) Howdidculturalissuesorfactorsaffecttheirchildhood/adolescentexperiencesanddevelopment?
2) Were there language or cultural barriers?
3) Inwhatkindofplacedidtheygrowup:bigcity,smalltown,ruralarea,etc.andhowdidthataffect
them? Did they move a lot? What impact did that have?
4) Whatchildhood/adolescentculturalexperiencesdotheythinkcontinuedtoaffecttheminearly
adulthood? In what way?
5) What was their socioeconomic status and how did that impact their development?Religion
1) What,ifany,religiondidthefamilyfollow?
2) Was the person also a believer, or did they only go along with the familys religion because it was
required or expected?
3) How did their views on religion or spirituality change during adolescence?
4) Was religion a positive or negative experience, or both? In what ways?
5) Howdidthefamilysreligiousbeliefsaffecttheparent/childrelationship?Other Experiences That May Have Affected Child/Adolescent Development
1) Arethereothersignificanteventsorpeoplethatthepersonfelthadanimpactorinfluenceon development either positively or negatively?
2) Feelfreetoaskthepersonotherquestionswhichinterestyouandincludethatinformationinthis section.Section 3: Application of Theory
Using the information you gathered apply at least 2 theories of childhood/adolescent development discussed in your textbook to explain and discuss the following:
1) Biosocial development of the person during childhood/adolescence.
2) Cognitive development of the person during childhood/adolescence.
3) Psychosocial development of the person during childhood/adolescence.
4) Discuss how cultural factors affected this persons development and/or experiences as a child and adolescent.

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