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Devry NETW204 week 5 quiz

01 / 10 / 2021 Projects

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Devry NETW204 week 5 quiz

1.Router_A is currently the OSPF designated router (DR). When will an election occur for a new DR? (Points : 2) When a new router comes up with a higher OSPF priority When the point-to-point interface of the current DR goes down When the DR fails Answers A, B, and C are correct. None of the above.Question 2. 2.The OSPF address is used by _____. (Points : 2) all routers to exchange link state advertisement only the designated router to advertise LSAs both designated and backup designated routers to forward LSAs DROther routers to send LSAs to DRs and BDRs None of the aboveQuestion 3. 3.An OSPF router is configured with a basic hello timer of 30 seconds. What will the default dead interval timer be? (Points : 2) 30 seconds 90 seconds 60 seconds 10 seconds 120 secondsQuestion 4. 4.The OSPF packet header contains _____. (Points : 2) the area priority field the DROther field the Type code for OSPF packet type the router autonomous system field Answers A and B are correct.Question 5. 5.Which command will verify that a router that is running OSPFv2 has formed an adjacency with other routers in its OSPF area? (Points : 2) show running-configuration show ip ospf neighbor show ipv6 ospf neighbor show ipv6 route ospf show ipv6 interface briefQuestion 6. 6.Single area OSPFv3 has been enabled on a router via the ipv6 router ospf 15 command. Which command will enable this OSPFv3 process on an interface of that router? (Points : 2) ipv6 ospf 0 area 0 ipv6 ospf 15 area 15 ipv6 ospf 0 area 0, 15 ipv6 ospf 15 area 0 None of the aboveQuestion 7. 7.Which command will provide information specific to OSPFv3 routes in the routing table? (Points : 2) show ip route ospf show ip route ospfv3 show ipv6 route show ip route ospf show ipv6 route ospfQuestion 8. 8.A network administrator enters the command ipv6 router ospf 64 in global configuration mode. What is the result of this command? (Points : 2) The router will be assigned an autonomous system number of 64. The router will be assigned a router ID of 64. The reference bandwidth will be set to 64 Mb/s. The OSPFv3 process will be assigned an ID of 64. Answers A and C are correct.Question 9. 9.Which command should be used in OSPF to provide detailed information about every OSPF-enabled interface? (Points : 2) show ip protocols show ip ospf neighbor show ip ospf show running-config None of the aboveQuestion 10. 10.A router in OSPF router has a data rate of 64 Kbps on one of its interfaces. What will the OSPF cost of that link be? (Points : 2) 110 1562 128 100 90Question 11. 11.R1 is currently the DR router. R2 is currently the BDR router. R3 is currently the DROther. Your IT Manager has asked you to make R3 the DR and R2 the BDR. Which answer will achieve that goal? (Points : 2) Change the priority number on R3 to be the highest. Change the priority on R2 to be the second highest. Answers A and B are correct. Boot up R3 first followed by R2, and then R1. Shutdown R3, R2, and R1 interfaces and bring them back up in the reverse order.Question 12. 12.(TCO 5) Cisco’s routers use this first to determine router-ID in OSPF. Assume IP addresses are configured on physical and loopback Interfaces are working as expected. (Points : 3) Largest loopback IP address Largest physical Interface IP address Lowest loopback IP address Configured Router-ID Both A and C are correct.

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