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define that gender is socially constructed too.

01 / 10 / 2021 Electrical engineering

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Final Research Paper Just like race, people are usually unfamiliar with the notion that gender is socially constructed too. In other words, each culture assigns characteristics and abilities to men and women that are often perceived to be purely derived from their biology. Obviously, these descriptors change over time as we see men and women achieve many things today that were once thought to be opposed to their nature. Lets look at gender over time ask, have gender expectations changed over time? Collecting Data: After reading about the difference between sex and gender in Chapter 12, approach someone that you know who is at least 30 years older than you and interview them regarding their childhood recollections of gender expectations. Ask them to come up with lists of gender expectations from their youth – one list of characteristics for boys/men and one list of characteristics for girls/women. These lists do not need to represent how your informant behaved rather, they are the expectations of what men and women (boys and girls) were SUPPOSED be like in the context of our culture at that time. For example: Women stayed at home with the kids. Men were breadwinners. Women were emotional. Men were physically strong. Then, ask them how obligated they felt to uphold these gender norms. In other words, was conformity suggested/recommended or required? Was anything forbidden? What were the sanctions if someone didnt uphold the gender norms? What to write: 3. Compare your informants experience to your own upbringing (your socialization). How prevalent are these expectations to you? Have you felt, at any point, that these expectations have applied to you? Have you ever felt compelled to uphold them? How have gender norms changed for girls/women and boys/men? 3. How would you amend this list for children who are growing up right now in 2018? Does one group have more flexibility in gender expectations than the other? Sources: 1. Textbook 2. Your informants information 3. At least 2 other sources chosen from any of the credible resources used this semester: Research Starters, US Census, PEW Research Center, Academic Journal articles, Ted Talks, PBS documentaries. Note: This assignment hasnt addressed variations in gender, but if you wish to incorporate this into the assignment, please let me know. All papers should be considered college-level writing. Apply all principles of grammar and ethics in your writing. Include in-text citations whenever you quote from or paraphrase an outside source. Include a bibliography of sources in ASA citation format at the bottom on your entry.

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