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define more diversity and depth there is in your developmental network, the better

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment 2

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OGL 482 Pro-Seminar II Assignment #5
The Career Decision Matrix OR Networking PlanMy career goal would be to own a nightclub, so please base it on that.
Objectives for this assignment:
Systematically explore career objectives and options based on life themes (Career Decision Matrix).
Begin to develop (or take the opportunity to refine) your personal network (Networking Plan).
Note: You might consider adding this assignment (like most others in this course) to your e-portfolio, although youll also be submitting it electronically through the Blackboard site directly to me by the due date.
For Assignment #5, Im giving you a couple of options. You can do either one of the following options:1) Develop a career decision matrix from your self-assessment themes using a process similar to the Career Decision Matrix (Chapter 4 / Career Decision Making and Table 4.2 Sample Career Decision Matrix).OR2) Develop a networking plan that you can use to help you reach your career goals.
Option 1) Career Decision Matrix InstructionsAs you move through the data-gathering phase and begin to generate options for potential jobs and potential employers, this is when you can build and use the career decision matrix. See Chapter 4 in your textbook / Career Decision Making and Table 4.2 Sample Career Decision Matrix. Step 1) Start by identifying and describing at least four possible career options. Hopefully you have already identified and explored a number of career options through your self-assessment efforts in this course (the AzCIS assessments in Week 1, in particular). In any case, your first goal is to come up with at least four career options that seem viable for you. Be as specific as possible when discussing career options. The more specific you are with respect to your options, the better the matrix results will be. Describe each career option in a much detail as possible (career field / organization / job-related responsibilities / opportunities for advancement / future outlook of the career field, etc.). Do some research. Be sure to demonstrate that you have carefully researched and fully understand these specific career options.Step 2) Now, develop a matrix similar to Table 4.2 Sample Career Decision Matrix in your textbook (page 93):
Down the left hand side of the matrix, you list your life themes.
Across the top of the page, you list the career option alternatives you are considering.
Next, fill in each cell with a high (h), medium (m), or low indication of the match between that theme and the alternative under consideration.
At the end, you should be able to summarize, possibly using point systemhigh is 5, medium is 3, low is 1. Step 3) Discuss the extent to which this career decision matrix development process helps with your career development decision making. Comment on the career option(s) that might be worth pursuing based on your results.Option 2) Networking Plan InstructionsCarefully review Chapter 4 of your textbook / Networking and the Job Search (pages 77 to 83). Developing and managing your network of people who can help you is an important ongoing process whether or not you are currently happy in your career.Step 1) Start by assessing your current network and networking needs. Follow the instructions on the Network Expansion Sheet (pages 79-82 in your textbook). Respond to each of the prompts associated with assessing your network. Also, comment on your perceptions of the Network Expansion Sheet and what you learned through this assessment.NOTES:1. Do not complete the final Action Planning part of the Network Expansion worksheet that is included in Steps 2 & 3 (below) for this assignment.2. For responding to the Network Expansion Sheet items (Step 1), you can download the Assignment 5 Network Expansion Sheet worksheet included with the Assignment 5 files on the Course Website and cut & paste that into your assignment document.)Step 2) Now respond to the following questions:
How will a well-developed network of contacts help you achieve your career goals? What are some of the characteristics of the people you are looking to include in your network? Where might you come in contact with these people? How will you grow your network / initiate contact with new potential networking contacts? Who in your network are you looking to enhance your relationship with? How will you go about enhancing these relationships? How can you leverage your existing network? Might some of your existing networking contacts know others who you should be in contact with? Step 3) Action Planning SMART GOALS: State several specific networking-related goals, and develop a detailed plan (with specific SMART goals and associated action plans) to accomplish those goals. Be sure to include some ideas for how you will use technology / social media to help you achieve your networking goals as well as how you might employ a more personal approach to your network building.Note: Carefully review the SMART goal criteria. Im expecting at least three fairly broad and substantive networking goals that meet the SMART goal criteria. With respect to each goal, consider action steps that will be required to meet those goals. Put together a mini project plan for each of your goals including action steps (also meeting the SMART criteria) required to meet your goals. (This will be good practice for Assignment 6, which also includes SMART goals as a major part of the assignment!)
The purpose of this activity is to
Help you assess and enhance (extend or strengthen) your developmental network relative to major challenges you will face in the next 1-3 years Help you develop a networking strategy that will work for you Help you develop a specific plan to pursue over the next 6 months to 1 year Create an accountability mechanism
Assessing Your Network
Research on leadership development has demonstrated that people benefit from a variety of developmental relationships, including short-term and long-term alliances with bosses, peers, senior executives, coaches, subordinates, and family members, The more diversity and depth there is in your developmental network, the better. Depending on our dominant learning tactics, we are more or less likely to pay attention to the quality of our developmental network.
This handout was adapted by Professor Kathy E. Kram from a worksheet developed by Professor Deborah Kolb, Simmons Graduate School of Management. Adapted by permission.
As you think about the major changes that are likely to take place at your place of work in the next few years, what major challenges and opportunities do you foresee that you will need to deal with in the next 1-3 years? List them here.

Given these challenges and opportunities, what type of help are you most likely to need?
a. Help in getting the job done ______ b. Help in advancing my career ______ c. Emotional support ______ d. All of the above ______

A. If your major challenge or opportunity is related to your work, how well positioned are you to get information, advice, and resources about new opportunities and possibilities?
Very well ______
Okay ______
Need to expand my network ______
Who can help?

B. If your major challenge or opportunity means making a move into a leadership position, do you have relationships with people who can give you advice and effectively advocate or champion you for important assignments or other developmental activities?
Yes ______
No ______
Who can help?

C. If your challenge or opportunity means that you will need emotional support, to what extent do you have people who can give you support?
I have a strong support network to help me. _____
I dont have people to help me through changes I will have to make. ____
Who can help?

D. If your challenge or opportunity means that you will need help getting the job done, advancing your career, or getting emotional support, do you have people in your network who can fulfill these functions?
Yes ______
No ______
Who can help?

Joint or shared work, projects, and committees ______
One-on-one appointments, with specific agendas ______
Informal no agenda social settings ______
Going for coffee, lunch, or drinks ______
Leisure activities such as golf, tennin, or theater ______
Other ______

What is your preferred style?

Occasional phone calls or e-mails just to ask how are you? ______
Phone calls, e-mails, or visits with specific requests or questions ______
Holiday cards and letters ______
Dropping in or calling when youre in the neighborhood ______
Arranging in advance to get together at professional meetings ______
Relying on the chance that your paths will cross ______
Inviting people to join you for lunch, coffee, golf, and so on ______
Contacting people when you find some information, an article, or an opportunity that might
interest them ______
Other ______
Part of Assignment 5 Step 1) Comment on your perceptions here and what you learned through this assessment.

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