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define international team of scholars

01 / 10 / 2021 Certificate IV In Commercial Cookery (SIT40413)

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This assignment makes use of the World Values Survey. is available on the following page: http://www.worldvaluessurvey.org/WVSContents.jspThe World Values Survey (www.worldvaluessurvey.org) is a global network of social scientists studying changing values and their impact on social and political life, led by an international team of scholars, with the WVS Association and WVSA Secretariat headquartered in Vienna, Austria. The survey, which started in 1981, seeks to use the most rigorous, high-quality research designs in each country. The WVS consists of nationally representative surveys conducted in almost 100 countries which contain almost 90 percent of the worlds population, using a common questionnaire. The WVS is the largest non-commercial, cross-national, time series investigation of human beliefs and values ever executed, currently including interviews with almost 400,000 respondents. Moreover the WVS is the only academic study covering the full range of global variations, from very poor to very rich countries, in all of the worlds major cultural zones.Data: WVS data for UK, Wave 5, originally downloaded from the following link
http://www.worldvaluessurvey.org/WVSDocumentationWV5.jspDownloaded data: data_students.xls
For detailed variable description (questionnaire): WVS_Questionnaire_UnitedKingdom.pdf: Develop and analyse a conceptual model based on the available variables in World Values Survey.
Example: How, tax morale (Cheating on taxes if you have a chance, V200) is affected by social capital (measured using importance in politics (V7), importance in religion(V9))
education level (V238)
gender (V235)
employment status (V241)Note: Do not use the above example. Develop your own research question/conceptual model!!!Guidance Notes:
The purpose of this assignment is to equip you with the ability to selectively analyse different sets of data for insight, and to report the findings in effective manner. This assignment consists of five tasks, but the report should flow as a single whole document. (1) Provide an overview of the research topic
(2) Develop the conceptual model and generate hypotheses. You can refer to relevant theory and literature within this subtask
(3) Discuss your selected data/variables from World Values Survey United Kingdom
Choose your variables from data_students.xls.
(4) Analyse the data using appropriate data analysis tools:
Univariate analysis-Descriptive statistics, graphics and arithmetic measures (Lectures 4 and 5)
Bivariate analysis-Correlation, Anova, t-test (Lecture 6, Lecture 7)
Multivariate analysis-(Lecture 8 and onwards. One type of multivariate analysis is sufficient, for example, an OLS model)
(5) Describe the findings consistent with the conceptual model

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