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define Fallacies in evidence?

01 / 10 / 2021 Diploma of Accounting

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Part 1A fallacy is an error that is made in an argument. The error might be in the claims made, the evidence as presented, or in the reasoning process. You of course want to avoid any of these fallacies when giving a speech. The table in the Avoiding Fallacies in Argument section in Ch. 15 of your text, presents four categories of fallacy that public speakers often commit:
Fallacies in claims
Fallacies in evidence
Fallacies in reasoning
Fallacies in responding to counterarguments
In a Word document, write roughly 600 words in response to the following:
Write an original example of a fallacy in each of the four categories mentioned above that you might commit in your upcoming persuasive speech. For example, say your persuasive speech topic was “The local community garden has improved the neighborhood.” You might commit a Post hoc fallacy if you claimed, “Residents say they’re happy so it must be because of the new community garden.”

Which of the fallacies are you most likely to commit in your upcoming speech and why? Explain your answer along with why you think you are prone to this fallacy.Part 2What have you learned as you reflect back on this course? With a basic level of confidence about public speaking, you will be able to apply the skills as you move forward in your life, and possibly use your public speaking skills to facilitate meaningful change in the world.
To complete the Discussion activity, please answer the following in a one- to two-paragraph discussion board post:
What career goals do you have that might involve public speaking?
How has this course helped you to potentially be more accomplished at achieving those career goals?
What one idea, theory or concept from the course has been the most helpful to you? Explain your answer.Part 3A persuasive speaker uses one or more types of appeal that include logos (logical proof), ethos (speakers credibility), pathos (emotional proof) and mythos (cultural belief and values). See the Using Evidence Effectively section in Ch. 15 for more information on these types of appeals. In this discussion, begin by watching the brief video from Matt Cutts entitled Try Something New for 30 Days.(TEDEducation. YouTube. TED, 05 Apr. 2013. Web. 21 July 2017.)
To complete the Discussion activity, please answer the following in a one- to two-paragraph discussion board post:
Comment on which of the four types of appeal you think Cutts is using primarily in his speech. Identify the type(s) of appeal and give a rationale for your answer.

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