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define deducted from papers that do not meet the length requirement?

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment 2

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instructions for the research paper (3 to 5 pages): A main purpose of the paper is for you to demonstrate your analytical skills and understanding of the impact of various macro/micro factors on a company (firm) (and its industry) that you have some interest in. The paper involves some data/information gathering, analysis, and application of some of the key principles learned in this course. The analysis involving the firm and industry you select must address at least all of the following: An identification and analysis of some of the key non-price factors that influence both demand and supply for the firm / industry selected (for some of these factors see, for example, chapter 2 in the textbook). For instance, what short-run and long-run decisions the managers of the firm / industry selected must make to reduce costs of production and enhance competitive advantage? The effects or expected effects of current macroeconomic events on the firm and the industry, focusing on those that are applicable to the firm and industry in question. For example, the change in the relative value of the U.S. dollar, rising interest rates, and changes in the price of oil. The impact of the international or global economy on the firm/industry selected. A recommendation as to whether we should invest into the firm, stay away from its stock, or even short-sale it. The paper should be an independently well-researched paper, written purposely and solely for this course. It must be your work in your own words. Ten points will be deducted from papers that do not meet the length requirement, that is, three to five pages (this does not include a title page or a reference page). The paper must be double-spaced with 12-point font and 1-inch margins all around. The pages of the paper must be numbered. Graphs (figures), tables, and charts, if used, should NOT be inserted in the text (body), but should be on separate sheets at the back of the paper, and referred to in the text. These sheets are NOT counted when determining the length of the paper. When referencing othear works in the body of the paper, use the author(s) last name and year of the paper/book. For example, Smith (2003) provides evidence of predatory pricing in gasoline markets.

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