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Communicate organisational mission and goals Clarify objectives, values and standards in accordance with organisation’s strategic direction

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Unit Sector

Management and Leadership – Management

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Communicate organisational mission and goals

1.1 Clarify objectives, values and standards in accordance with organisation’s strategic direction

1.2 Establish linkages between organisational objectives, values and standards and the responsibilities of relevant groups and individuals

1.3 Ensure media and language used is appropriate to individuals and group circumstances

1.4 State clear expectations of internal groups and individuals and explain in a manner which builds commitment to the organisation

1.5 Address expectations of the organisation

1.6 Investigate incidents promptly and communicate results clearly to relevant groups and individuals

2. Influence groups and individuals

2.1 Build trust, confidence and respect of diverse groups and individuals through positive role modelling and effective communication and consultation

2.2 Embrace, resource and effectively implement improvements to organisational and workplace culture

2.3 Demonstrate understanding of the global environment and new technology in work activities

2.4 Ensure actions convey flexibility and adaptability to change and accessibility

2.5 Ensure consultation and participation in decision making occurs with relevant groups and individuals where appropriate

2.6 Ensure decision making takes into account needs and expectations of both internal and external groups

2.7 Ensure decision making occurs in accordance with risk management plans for all options, and within appropriate timeframes

2.8 Ensure that the organisation is represented positively in the media and community

3. Build and support teams

3.1 Assign accountabilities and responsibilities to teams consistent with their competencies and operational plans

3.2 Ensure teams are resourced to allow them to achieve their objectives

3.3 Empower teams and individuals through effective delegation and support for their initiatives

3.4 Create and maintain a positive work environment

3.5 Encourage teams and individuals to develop innovative approaches to the performance of work

4. Demonstrate personal and professional competence

4.1 Model ethical conduct in all areas of work and encourage others to adopt business ethics

4.2 Adapt appropriate interpersonal and leadership styles to meet particular circumstances and situations

4.3 Set and achieve personal objectives and work program outcomes

4.4 Ensure self-performance and professional competence is continuously improved through engagement in a range of professional development activities

4.5 Participate regularly in industry/professional networks and groups

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