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Collin English 1301 – Narrative Essay

01 / 10 / 2021 Projects

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Collin English 1301 – Narrative Essay

English 1301: Narrative EssayPurpose: Narratives are considered personal writing;that is, you discuss yourself, your experiences and yourview. In narratives, you focus on the past rather thanthe current time or the future. In sharing narratives, weare sharing something that happened to us and focusingon the usefulness of that episode or occurrence. Whenwe make sense of the world, we do so throughourselves. This narrative assignment will ask you todiscuss an event in your life and to share the relevanceof it for your reader through dialogue and description.Your narrative should be truthful, and must not be afictional story.Topic: For this assignment, I ask you to relate to one ofthe example essays we’ve discussed in class. You mayfocus on an experience that deals with one of thefollowing topics and its importance to you, for youraudience: learning struggle, race/ethnicity, yourculture, your language, your connection to nature,or your relationship to someone important to you.Keep in mind, if you write about the last option, you arenot telling me about your relationship with someone—rather—you’re explaining why they’re so important.Look at Amy Tan for an example of how to do this.Language: Your language should remain eloquent andfree of any problems with grammar and diction. Youmay choose to present an objective or subjective tone,but it is extremely important that your stance is obviousthroughout your paper. You must use StandardAmerican English.Audience: Your audience for this paper is your peers.Keep the audience’s level of intellect in mind as youwrite. You will need to make judgments as to whatbackground information is necessary for your audience.Evidence: You must provide at least one piece ofdialogue between yourself and another person and youmust provide at least one vivid description of somethingmeaningful as a part of your narrative. Use thetechniques mentioned in the book to help.Evaluation Standards: I will be evaluating your essaybased on the following criteria:• Your essay is at least 3 pages long. Nomore than four.• You discuss one of the above mentionedtopics in your narrative.• You provide at least one section ofmeaningful description.• You provide at least one block of meaningfuldialog.• Your narrative provides insight into yourgrowth as a human being.• You do not discuss anything offensive.• You write for the audience of your peers.• Your paper must be double-spaced, use only12 point Times New Roman font and include yourname, my name, date, class and a title that ispertinent to your subject (MLA format). If you donot follow these requirements you will be unableto earn above a B.• Your organizational structure is clear andworks to advance the reader through your analysisto your conclusion.

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