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Chemical Engineering

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment

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1.      The following is a series of coupled electron donor ns and electron acceptors (written as donor/acceptor) often utilized by bacteria. Using just the data in Figure 3.9 or in Table A1.1 (Appendix 1), order this series from most energy yielding to least energy yielding: H2/Fe+++, H2S/O2, methanol/NO3- (producing NO2-), H2/O2, Fe++/O2, NO2-/Fe+++, and H2S/NO3-. (3 points


2.      Aerobic methane-oxidizing bacteria are quite common in the environment, especially in soils.  Using Table 3.3. calculate ΔGo` for the following reaction catalyzed by these ecologically important organisms:  CH4 + ½ O2 → CH3OH (3 points) 2 CH4 + O2 = 2 CH3OH


3.      Using the waste from a biofuels production plant, you have just isolated a novel bacterium that at pH 7 and in the presence of nitrate (NO3-) can oxidize ethanol (CH3CH2OH) forming CO2 and ammonium (NH4+).  (9 points) 2 CH3CH2OH + 3 NO2 = 4 CO2 + 3 NH4


a.    Using the steps and information provided in Appendix 1 of your book, write a balanced reaction for this oxidation.

b.   Calculate the free energy yield for the balanced reaction using free energy of formations (Table A1.1)

c.    Calculate the free energy yield from the reduction potential using the information given in the table below:

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